Hive Five! We Are Finally Decentralized!

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Lately, I haven’t been active in terms of posting on Steem. Main reason for that was that real life has caught up on me. I managed to do some good investments with my hard earned Steem, but the downtrend of the whole crypto market didn’t allow me to continue spending active time writing those articles and I eventually ran out of the little financial buffer I laid aside. I simply had to survive and work in real life. It was a shame. Steem might have needed more from me than my staked votes. It needed every single one of us more. Maybe we could have done more to save it – and by “we” I mean everyone but witnesses and developers (core or dapps…doesn’t really matter those did a lot from my perspective). Steem is dead now though. And we move on.

Despite the fact that I haven’t been producing articles, I have been around. I have been casting votes (articles, witnesses, SPS) and I have been keeping track with what was going on. At the end I have been actively fighting against the Sybil attack and have voted even for those real witnesses that I either wasn’t too fond of or those that simply didn’t earn my vote. But serious times demanded specific solutions.

One could say we have lost many battles, but eventually we have won the war. Our goal was to become decentralized all time long. Ned, Steemit Inc. ninja-mined stake and at the end Justin Sun have all been obstacles along the way. Maybe we needed to go through harsh times to fork ourselves out. Maybe we all were emotionally attached to Steem, and we needed to be under Chinese oppressive control for us to realize and COMMIT TOO the solution, which has always been forking ourselves out of that misery that has cost all of us big money. Now brighter days lie ahead.

With the Corona virus around I cannot earn any money in real life. I have managed to save up a bit, but it’s time to start working in a digital space again. On Steem I had my supporters. Every article I published has earned me at least 15 bucks, but I didn’t abuse my position. I posted around 2-4 articles per month on average. That way I felt that I am doing what was morally right. I felt like I’m getting payed for my contribution and that I don’t deserve much more. Maybe I could have abused my position more and I would be in better position now. But it wouldn’t be me really. I try to contribute…always…abuse…never…

Now I have to start anew here – on Hive. Who knows how the situation around Corona will unfold. If it takes months for the quarantine to end, I might even be dependent on my Hive earnings – which unlike on Steem are anything but guaranteed. Maybe I will find my old Steem friends here (those virtual, or those that I met on Steemfest 3). Maybe I will have to attract new followers. I shall test my luck using communities for the first time. OCD seems like the best one to start at. That’s where a writer that I admire the most, @tarazkp , contributes too (since notifications are online – welcome on Hive my old friend. I missed you:). Believe it or not, I have read some of your articles here and there just for the…old vibes:D)

Anyway I just wanted to make my presence known on Hive. I have always been around and I always will be in one way or another – no matter the market situation, no matter the internal affairs that will be going on. I’m here for the censorship free medium. I’m here for the decentralized governance development. I’m here because of the wonderful community that made Steem what it was and that will make Hive what it’s supposed to be. A decentralized heaven of likeminded people that love freedom.

May this be my first Hive post. Many more will come!

Hive on!

With love

PS how do i make the post visible on my Blog to while using communitites pls?:)


Good to have you back and in the Hive. These are challenging times so I hope the digital space works for you like it once did.

"Steem is dead now though and we move on."

Hahaha I love that.

Let’s uncover the limit of truly decentralized blogging platform together:)

I dunno whether I love it yet. But it is the way it is now:P

Oh and thanks for the wishes:))

I'm glad to see you found your way here to Hive.

thanks bro:) lets start anew here!