I am in the hospital and need help

in OCD3 years ago


I am in the hospital now in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia since a few days. I currently need $1500 usd to get out of here in 2 days when they think I will be well enough to leave.

I'm having very good care but no way to pay for it since being sick so long

Please help if you can and ask anyone else.


Thank you everyone. I'm sick sore weak dehydrated. Now. Trying My best to heal. Love you all.


Please help if you can


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Do you have a BTC address.
Best wishes!

Direct to my kl friend is better. @smallearth. Can you do this?

TY so much for helping.

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I need help @rycharde. Please read my post.

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Got most of it powered up, but, I can send a few steem

TY so much. So grateful.

Sorry it couldn’t be more, it was the last of my liquid steem.

Steempeak is bugging out at the moment, but I'll send 10 sbd when it comes back. I am so sorry to hear this news!

There isn't much we can do since we're also lacking resources. I upvoted your post with 300k SP.

You tried your best. I did the same and resteemed too for others to see

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We wish you strength but can not help you except with an upvote.

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