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Hello everyone! It’s me Flawlesswomen my real name is “Ann”. I am very happy to be here with you all today on Hive. I don’t have any kind of experience with this kind of platform I have been using instagram and twitter often. I hope soon I will be able to adjust on here too.

I am married women, 36 years old I was born in 1987. My birthday is on 6th December. I have two son and one daughter. I am a full-time housewife. I am an Asian and I live in BANGLADESH. I have completed my graduation and at first I have worked in many working fields for experience. I believe that I am good at writing so, now I am here with you all.


I am an extrovert I love making new friends and talk to them. I have the desire to meet new people on Hive. These are my friends on the right we don’t meet often because we all have busy life with our married life. My friends work in acting field like Bengali Drama. I have always supported them mentally. I always try to make my friends feel better.

I hope through blogging on Hive I can improve my English because my mother tongue is Bengali. I am not good at speaking it but I am good at writing, because I have been writing for a long time in my diaries but not on online platforms. I hope I can bring my writing skills in-front of you all in order to be successful on this platform.


I also love taking photos of the beautiful nature, photography is one of my hobbies. I don’t have my own house, I live in a rented apartment with my family. Because my husbands job switched from here to there that’s why we don’t have our own house in the city. But we do have our house at the village.

I am happy to discover Hive through my cousin sisters daughter. She is none other than @ayamihaya. I am her aunt and I must say that she is a bright kid I hope I can make her proud on this platform for bringing me here. Her mother and I share a good bonding even though her mother is my cousin we are more like sisters. People used to get confused who is who because we both used to dress the same way. Still we are like sisters as when we were young.

Hive is indeed looking like a good platform to me to share about my life. I hope to use this platform correctly. I am even aware about the plagiarism which is a good method to keep original contents. I know the rules in general because she has explained to me. I hope to stay by the rules and regulation and not violate any of them. I am eager to share my stories with all of you.


This is my daughter she is very shy, we often wear hijab together but not always. She does not like when I click her pictures and start to make faces. But she is trying to practice some religious stuff. Most of the time my daughter takes my pictures even though she does not like to take her own pictures. My sons are very shy too I don’t know how they became introvert when their mother is broad minded.

My main reason for joining Hive is to pass my time. When I am bored I write in my diaries so why not on Hive? I also love watching movies and cooking. I have a passion for cooking for a long time. When my mother used to cook delicious food for me that made me fall in love with the food. That’s the main source of me for having a desire to cook. I want to share my Bengali cooking recipe with you all. I have many other things to share so keep supporting me.


I am that kind of person who love to make practice on what I learned in order to gain more experience, I love reading, I love watching movies and one of the things I've wanting to do is exploring and I hope to learn more from the amazing people here.
I'm so happy to be finally here and I believe it's going to be an amazing experience here.

My social media

I am available on Instagram and twitter though I am not an influencer just a normal citizen. But I hope I can became an influencer on the platform of Hive. I don’t use social media that much because I believe to spend the quality time with my family instead of capturing it with my mobile. now days people don’t spend much time with their family but always busy with their mobile which hampers the kids way of thinking. I don’t want my kids to feel alone and I spend my whole time with them. Because that’s how it should be and I should not also let them get addicted to these social media platforms. Which is getting scarier day by day through new inventions of technology. It is the responsibility of a parent to take care of their child and protect them from online bullies. I think if every parent takes the responsibilities and do their work by their own then the world would change. I have always told my kids to share me everything because I don’t want them to get on the wrong path. I always make time for them to listen to their problems and try to solve it. Every mother should spend time with their kids and not give them devices to lure them away. I have seen many kids of this generation going through depression because they have no one to talk and share with. That is the main reason for me to not being a social media person.

Instagram: flawless_women0
Twitter: flawlesswomen0

The end! I hope to have a great time with the people of Hive.

My pictures are captured with iPhone and all rights reserved.


Welcome to this awesome platform ❤️

Welcome to hive! It’s good to have you here and I am sure you will have an amazing time. Explore communities, engage with other authors and keep creating on hive🤗


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Awesome job @flawlesswomen! Your first upvotes on Hive are making a big impact. Keep spreading the buzz!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Welcome to the Hive community @flawlesswomen!
We sincerely hope you find everything you are looking for and have found a new home here.

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Have fun and happy Hiving!

Welcome to the HIVE blockchain and THE TERMINAL in Discord! 😊

Bienvenida Hive! Saludos!

Hello! Welcome to Hive, @flawlesswomen. I found you thanks to @heyhaveyamet 's introduction post.
You've come to a wonderful place where you can develop any interest you can think of. The limit is up to you!
The learning curve is steep at first, but ask any questions you have, read and observe.
Here are some resources to help you get started:
Link to The Terminal Discord server, highly recommended for learning anything about Hive and @heyhaveyamet 's home.
Link to Ecency's Discord server, my favourite frontend and where you can find me most of the time.
Link to the Ecency resource library, where I'm adding practical tutorials in Spanish and some are in English, too.
Little by little you will find the places where you feel most comfortable, get in touch with other hivers and success will come.
Greetings from Spain. 🤗

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You are most welcome.
I'll keep up the good work.

Welcome to Hive, aunt hope you will enjoy your stay over here. Keep posting your contents 💖.



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