The First Grim Folks Lottery takes place today!

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When we launched the collection in the WAX blockchain, we pre-minted the first 20 units of all our cards to avoid a sale rush. We wanted to give any collector the chance to get them. After getting feedback from the community, we decided to introduce The Grim Folks Lottery to give those cards in a fun, gamified, and fair way.

As a first test, we decided to use The Burning Day Noir from the Event series cards. Although these Event Series are not initial collection cards we decided to use this one as a way to test the pre-mint game mechanic.


We introduced The Grimder Series cards, a way for you to participate in the pre-mint lotteries using a blend to get your lottery ticket.


Everyone had a chance to get lottery tickets during one week using the special blend we created for this lottery distribution.


Today at 08:00 pm CET we will be doing the lottery life in our Discord Server. The Grimder blend has been active for a week and it was finally deleted last night. Only 16 lottery cards have been minted and we have locked the corresponding template.

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Remember the rules:

  • All 16 participants will have a chance to win. As we have not reached the 20 lottery tickets, cards from #17 to #20 will remain for The Grim Folks.
  • Lottery will start with mint #16, so the first winner will have a chance to exchange his/her lottery ticket for The Burning Day Noir #16 card.
  • The Second winner will have a chance to exchange his/her lottery ticket for The Burning Day Noir #15 card and so on until all pre-minted cards have a winner.
  • Winners will have one week to decide if they want to exchange their cards or refuse to do so. Cards not exchanged during this period of time will remain for The Grim Folks

Come and join us!

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