I am joining hive bringing my digital community to this beautiful place.

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Hello hive family,

My name Gabriel Akpan, a newbie here and was invited to this community by @uyobong. I am a Digital Skills Strategist, a Motivator and a Teacher.


Above is my shot with @Uyobong at his office today for tutorials to aid my smooth on boarding process.

I am very passionate about impacting profitable values in the lives of young people to help them live a desirable and fulfilled lives.

My key interests are in Digital Economy and Tech tools for business advancement, Personality Development, Sports and Kingdom advancement as a summation of all my activities.

In other to achieve my value addition goal, I set up a community on Facebook called 'The Builders Network' (TBN) https://bit.ly/2XnAv0w currently with over 200 active members where we teach interested participants on various Digital and Vocational Skills.


Through the help of my pro-efficient Instructors, we've been able to teach quite a number of people on:

  • Web Designing
  • Digital Marketing tools.
  • App development
  • Content marketing
  • Logo, fliers and Business cards designing.
  • Ebook creation
  • Animation video etc.

I hope to be of great value here too and also looking forward to have an extension of my Facebook community as soon as I gain an indept knowledge of the operations and opportunities in Hive.

I sincerely thank @Tipu and @Hiveonboard for providing the tools for a successful creation of my account. 1% of my post rewards are set for them respectively.


Welcome to Hive brother. I am excited at your foresight in acknowledging the potentials of the Hive blockchain at first mention to you. I see you grow beyond borders here. I am looking forward to meeting members of your Digital Skills community and help them onboard to the Hive blockchain.


Thanks a lot for the selfless support and guidance. With your shoulders to lean on, I hope to move higher here speedily. I'm greatful.

Welcome gabby20!
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Welcome to hive brother. This place is a great place for people with your skill.

Since you were @uyobong onboarded by uyobong I am sure you would get the best explanation on how you can grow on Hive.

Would love to see your articles when you start posting

Welcome to hive again, and I hope you enjoy stay 🤗🤗🤗

Wow you are loaded, many thanks to @uyobong for showing you here, and a huge welcome to you as well my man! It will be awesome to learn from all your experience concerning these topics, it will be also nice to bring your community over here and tap into the juices of web3.0,...see you around bro. I'm always available for a chat, just holla. Take care

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I'm greatful, my pleasure meeting you too.

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you are welcome on board

Welcome 🎉🤗😊

it's great having you here...
u re welcomed on board...stay cool

Welcome on board @gabby20.

You are welocme.

Welcome to Hive my friend!

Thank you

It's good to have you here Gabby
Welcome to hive

It's great having you here...
you are welcome