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Since I joined this HiveBlog platform I have made several publications in which I have introduced myself, then I have made publications in which I have asked for guidance on how to learn to improve on this platform.

Desde que me integre a esta plataforma HiveBlog he realizado varias publicaciones en las que me he presentado, luego he realizado publicaciones en las cuales he pedido me orienten en como aprender a mejorar en esta plataforma.

image.pngCover design made in CANVA by Gustavo Mory

Greetings friends of the Contest community, my name is Gustavo Mory, by profession a Lawyer, lover of crypto markets, investment models, digital drawings, philosophy and music.
Saludos amigos de la comunidad Contest, mi nombre es Gustavo Mory, de profesión Abogado, amante de los temas cripto mercados, modelos de inversión, dibujos digitales, filosofia y musica.
I want to use this publication to ask whoever is willing to guide me, to help me study and learn more about how to do a good job. I have presented myself in several communities and despite completing the first steps that were indicated, I could not share with anyone who could help me to know and improve on HiveBlog.
Quiero usar esta publicación para pedir a quien este en disposición de orientarme, que me ayude a estudiar y conocer mas el como hacer un buen trabjo. En varias comunidades me he presentado y muy a pesar de cumplir los primeros pasos que se indicaban, no me podico compartir con persona alguna que me ayude a conocer y mejorar.

Hi @goldenday. I see you've introduced yourself several times in several communities, which is not necessary. Whatever you publish on Hive, stays on Hive, anyone can read it. So I hope this will be your last presentation or introduction.

I see you're asking for help, so let me drop you a few suggestions to help you navigate better on our platform.

We have different communities on Hive and we're encouraging users to post in the right community based on the topic of the post.

OCD is for topics that don't fit in any other community and should be used when you don't find a niche community for your post.

Here's a guide I put together to help you learn about how communities work and why you should use them -> Communities Explained - Newbie Guide. I also put together a list of communities, which is not complete, there are much more communities on Hive, but it will help you get started.

Once you posted your post in the right community, you can then cross post it to OCD community. Here's a guide about cross posting.

Please don't delete any post with the purpose of reposting it in another community as that can be considered abuse!

Happy blogging.

I appreciate that someone has finally offered me guidance, receive my thanks for your information, I will take your comments very seriously to continue, we need more people willing to help, I applaud your collaboration, from today I will be reviewing your publications and I will follow you, thanks.

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You are welcome @goldenday! It is great to see you are doing your first steps! Great work!