Flowers in the woods.

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On my walk with our dog Nero today I saw flowers in the forest had begin to begun to blossom. This flower blossom early, before the vegetation getting to big. It is nice to see my little part of the world is going green again after a long winter. I didn't bring the camera with me on this short walk. All pictures are taken with the camera on my phone.


On this picture, and the two following I tested the automated blur function on the phone called "food". The result is quite good without sharp edges in the transition between what is in focus and unfocused.





Whoops, a dog foot passing by...


This i a nice spot to wait. Hopefully he soon is finished whatever he is doing. The first pictures in this post is taken seconds before Nero decided to join company.


Have a nice evening.



Lovely green surrounding! Quite different from the top of mountains. Cute tiny wild flowers in the forest! You might see some deer and rabbits?!
Nero is looking for a pond!!

Seems like the snow is gone...

that's a nice wild flower. I also display wild flowers a lot. greetings from me to nero

Thank you. Yes you have many nice photos in you blog 👍 Greetings from Nero :-)