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RE: OCD Community Incubation Program Finalized

What a great initiative !

First I would like to thank @ocd and @Acidyo for this great opportunity 😃 !

I would like to ask for support for our HODL Community. @hodlcommunity

We are not even 3 months old and 415 subscribers with some great writers. We are focused on supporting Crypto Content Creators and recently we brought Hundreds of non-hivers to our interface as we are VERY active on Twitter where we share our writers' posts.

I would love to discuss more any kind of possible curation program / help.

Thank you !


OCD has unfortunately had the rule of not supporting crypto related content for the biased nature of authors and holdings/sponsorships/etc.

I understand even if we are disappointed as we try to have a positive impact on this Hive ecosystem as our last monthly help to good content creators from emerging economies shows:
🎉 HODL Community Monthly Update & 40 HBD in Giveaways !.

I wish you to find great communities and keep us updated 😄