One can dream.

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After the massive dump of Hive, it was hard to see our newborn baby going under the top 100. I already stated my opinion on that and called it an obvious dump from Justin and his gang in order to make them stand as the stronger coin. (dumping Hive, and pumping steem and freezing large steem-stakes).

Anyways, it seems like our coin actually is climbing the ranks once again! (currently sitting at rank 84 with an increase of about 20% over the last 7 days. That is beautiful.

I believe most of the buyers are coming from people leaving steem. It just makes sense people who already invested in steem would reinvest into Hive, increasing both the quantity of the stake as well as the value of the coin.

I myself are having as we speak about another 10k hive coming in. It is not a secret I also took some profit from the steem (about 1000 Dollars), so I could get myself a new bike for my coming adventures. I see it as an investment in my future blogging on Hive ;)

How do I see my Hive and Steem investment?

I kind of see Hive as my current investment and Steem as a profit I got from investing. So whatever I do with Steem is a win in my book. Currently, it seems like I split the steem I am rapidly selling into fiat and Hive. (the Fiat because I am waiting for another dump of Bitcoin to reinvest) and Hive just because I am aware it has the most potential as a future investment that could potentially shape my life.

If I were to dream a little bigger reinvesting it all into Hive would probably have the likelihood of giving me massive freedom down the line.

Now, this is a dream, but I remember envying those guys sitting at 30+ k SP and having that nice passive income going for them. (At that time steem was 1+ dollar).

Right now, I feel like this is an opportunity to maybe get in on that. I would love one day to see Hive going to past steem prices so I could get some really juicy curation rewards. That would be enough for me to pretty much cycle the world whenever and wherever I want.

AHh well, one can dream and I am aware one should not always bet on a dream. But I have always been an optimistic person.

I know Hive is not without its flaws and many times I am faced with the hard truth that Hive as a project might never go anywhere, mostly because of human nature. Not gonna go into details but I have seen quite some emotional/irrational reactions from even top witnesses and investors that I would have wished I didn't see. That's a real shame. I just hope those we have on the top will be doing more good than bad, (luckily it still seems like doing more good!)

Picture of me out ther hiking because why not?

I guess that is where the speculative nature of investing comes in. There's always a risk of failure and a chance of reward. Probably with the case of Hive, the risk vs reward are in the extreme ends.

I see don't see Hive as money for me to take, in fact, I have found myself much more interested in seeing it as almost a social experiment and yes, if that experiment proves successful it could possibly mean my little dream of a little more independent of jobs and whatnot, also would be possible. Not that I don't already have a free-spirited mind and I often do crazy long travels anyways, would just be nice to do them exactly whenever I feel like;)

But ahh well, one can dream, am I right?
Thanks for reading all my rambling once again!

What is your dream?


Some nice sweet dreams here :) And actually not that unrealistic I would say...

Btw 1: I cannot believe you got a new bike, I thought the old one was like a family member for you :D

Btw 2: Fridays are always strong for Hive as that´s when many people started their power downs on Steem and most of them (including me) are buying some Hive with it right away.

Btw 3: Very good points on the arguments of some of the top Hivers. I also touched this topic in my yesterday contribution to the Free Speech Initiative that is currently running on Hive.

Yeah, I think you also know what incident I might be talking about here. I don't wanna get dragged into it though.

It was a hard choice with my bike but I needed something that could take me a bit further off-road and also size-wise fitted me a tiny bit better. I always found myself limited from the more remote paths so I am building a bike packing setup now!

I am going to read your post right away actually, I'm curious on it!

Nice :) Cannot wait to see that beast ready :) (your new bike :D) Any epic biking plans for this year? Well, I mean after this craziness is over of course...

I am looking into the north now! Probably Denmark to Finland or something, that would be awesome with my new bike since Scandinavia has the most remote roads in the whole Europe!

That sounds awesome :) But only doable until late summer / early fall I guess :D Good luck buddy, I am already looking forward to all those posts.

Oh yeah that will be at max 5 months. Rest of the year is too damn cold up there haha

Keep us updated on the new bike. Would be lovely to get a writeup about your choices and process. Keep the dream alive!

I will for sure give an update on my bike! Here on Friday I will be getting my bike bags and hopefully complete the whole setup. Cool to see a fellow cyclist here on hive!

Good one! My dream is to one day build a large and respected media platform fully on decentralized networks, all stuff I own, not working for anyone or with someone anyone can take away.

I guess you are not too far off your dream either then!

My dream is only to build an Endowment fund to support the charity and hopefully I will be able to do this on Hive.
One of these days I will no longer be around and the charity has to continue its work into the future.

All strength to your dream my friend.
Take care.

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Steem and hive are in now a parallel platform which is running both smoothly, steem already gives you a feed back that very last in 2017 and its coming another chance to get a well benifit from hive. But firstly we have to stronger the community to make successful running this project.

The title of the post reminds me of the famous famous Martin Luther King I have a dream.


Greetings and good Sunday.


Our thinking is very similar on pretty much everything. I am also doing the same thing; taking steem profit as well as trading for hive. I have mostly been buying ether though, so that may not be considered taking profit. But to be honest I see steem tanking soon.

If I were smart I'd cash some out, but I'm not, sooo.. lol

I think we are all a little too greedy in this haha:-)