Hive arriving 🎉 ! our journey on steem came to end?

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Hello community!!

We are in very much confusing times where one side the world is fighting with Corona virus and here we are with a person who want to centralise the steem blockchain.

I am reading all the posts from last two days hyping about @hiveio and why it's greater than steem. I am with Steem more than a year and always feel grateful for the support and appreciation I received. I am very much disappointed how things going now for the people who stick with the chain from last four years.

When @ned sold steemit to Justin, I was very happy along with many others that finally steem gets a good marketing team what it lacking from years & also will attract hundreds of users from Tron community.

But the hopes soon gone when the communication between the steemit and community witnesses became much worse. Soon the witnesses launched the soft fork to freezed their stake. But with help of exchanges which betray their users Justin took back the consensus to reverse the fork and continued his sock puppet witnesses even after community protest.

He also termed our witnesses as hackers on twitter and completely malgin our community stand. With power of highest stake holding he can do what ever he can do and can take back the consensus anytime. We can't live with chain in constant fear and no trust.

Steemit former developers who believed in the freedom and decentralisation step out of it and stood with community. They have resigned for their jobs and took initiative to save ( as I am now believing ?) the community.

I have read the posts by the developers what they are promising and how they want to move forward. Also it's been supporting by the highest stake holders on steem like @theycallmedan @gtg @blocktrades whom I look up on here for advice and to learn.

✓ Hive is a fork of steem blockchain where in near future it becomes independent of steem and contains its own chain

✓ Hive contains all your content till now posted on steem and from now what you post on hive will not be on steem .

✓ Hive will take snapshot of your funds on steem and airdrop same amount of hive coins, hive power and hive dollars to your hive wallet.

✓ Hive don't welcome the accounts which supported Justin or have ninja mined steem stake which targeted steem community.

✓ All the major DApps on steem like @dtube, @steemhunt @tasteem gonna migrate to the hive in short time.

✓ As the team is formerly worked and designed all the steem features from last four years, they are also promising speed of deployment of communities and more features.

✓ Major exchanges like binance and coinbase are participating in the airdrop and supporting the launch of hive.

we can't say it's end of steem but we can believe it's beginning of hive which may go way beyond steem with more freedom.

Justin although you have destroyed the hopes of community on you, we must thank you for making us United and pushed us for Hive.

As I am running the @steemindian community, may be need to rebrand our name. I hope on new hive we get much support to spread hive in India and onboard more people.

I will hang around the steem and might not post if it is really matters. Can't wait to board on hive and check out it.

All the best to us who stick for no-censorship, free speech and love for community.

See you around on hive.