My Adventure into TCG World Part2

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Hello Guys, in my last post I talked about I my journey started into the TCG world many years ago. Today I want to talk about feelings that I had during that time.
As I came to Germany with my Family it was kinda hard for me to find friends. The reason was probably that I couldn't speak German at all and that made everything harder for me.
One day I went to school and took my cards with myself and start playing with them on my own as Three boys saw me and asked me if they also can play cause they have some cards too and that was my first friend at school and all thank my Yugioh cards. Actually kinda crazy don't you think?
But what I realized at that time was there is 2 kind of groups between Yugioh player: Yugi fans and Seto Kaiba fans.
It was all about which one is stronger and if „Dark Magician“ is cooler than „Blue-Eyes White Dragon“.....kinda cute don't you think?
So I thought that today's Picture will be the rival of the one from yesterday...Enjoy!

With Regards
Iman Iranmanesh



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