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We know how important Adobe Photoshop is to a graphics designer. It is a very important tool that will really help you achieve your design goals. Today, I will be teaching you the few steps to take to achieve a circular background. It is not hard, remove the fears and follow me duly.

. First, open your Adobe Photoshop software. I use the Adobe Photoshop CS6.

. After opening the photoshop, click on file and open to import the picture you want to work on.

Screenshot (200).png

.Go to the layer panel (by the lower right hand side), you will see a padlock beside the picture’s layer. Double click to unlock the layer, this will allow you work freely on the picture.

Screenshot (202).png

. Now go to the Marquee tool, right click to bring the options. Click on Elliptical Marquee tool to start.

Screenshot (208).png

. To make the circle around the image you want to crop out, press shift as you draw it out. This will make it easier for you. After drawing the circle, click inside to move it around the layer you want.

Screenshot (210).png

Screenshot (209).png

. Click select and inverse, this will highlight the circled part and the parts you don’t want any more then click backspace on your keyboard.

Screenshot (211).png

Screenshot (213).png

. To make it more transparent, click select then deselect. It will highlight the other part that we want to get rid of. Click image then trim, a default pop-up will show, just click ok. We are almost done.

Screenshot (217).png

Screenshot (215).png

Screenshot (216).png

Screenshot (214).png

. Go to file and click “Save As”, this is to save the work you have done so far. Note, don’t save as JPEG or JPG, it won’t come out totally as a circular back ground. Save as a PNG file and rename it whatsoever you want. A default pop-up will come up, just click ok and have your picture with a circular background.

Screenshot (221).png

Screenshot (220).png

Screenshot (219).png

If you have any question or enquiry, kindly drop a comment so I can see and answer it. It is not too late to be a Graphics Designer like me, the world is waiting for you. Stay tuned as I unravel some Photoshop tricks and skills here.