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Hello to all online art lovers and those who wish to be able to ride a real dragon, ^ _ ^

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In my day to day everything goes without news so far, I'm still without the internet, my friends are already a bit paranoid with the virus crown, I got a great puppet-type toy from the Street Shark to decorate my drawing room (I can imagine my students playing with him every time I turn to explain the blackboard) and for this Tuesday I have to bring some food items to help a children's foundation, ^ _ ^

The theme of today's guide is fantasy, and nothing more or less than the dragon himself, which is practically everyone's favorite magical creature and we wish they were real, to see them at the zoo, let's face it see or be close of a free dragon it would be very bad for us, it would eat us or in the best case, it would burn us with its breath, knowing this just like I want to ride one of them and fly through the skies like "Game of Thrones" (and I know I'm not the only one) Dragons are always in our imagination, more than enough reason to dedicate a guide on how to make them as we see them with the eyes of our imagination.

Pencil sketch of my guide


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Dragons are fantastic animals which can be good, bad, wise or destructive, they are creatures that symbolize very different things, they are mainly associated with unequaled power, dragons are creatures with many key details in their figure, at first glance They seem very complicated, when it comes to drawing them and associating them with geometric shapes, we realize that they are easy to draw.

The head

The head is the most characteristic of a dragon, it must include 2 or more horns, small eyes, thorns and a zigzagged mouth, which is why when making your sketch it will consist of a circle as a base, an oval for the jaw muscle, its snout and other parts will be based on triangular shapes


It should be understood that the dragon's head is similar to that of other animals, specifically that of birds and reptiles.


Open mouth


When the mouth is open, only the upper part of the jaw maintains the zigzag shape, the lower part is simpler in the form of a wave.

The Head front view


Being an animal with a long snout (you can also draw with a short snout it is a matter of being creative with the design) to see them from the front the structure of their head changes a lot compared to seeing it in profile, shapes still predominate triangular but much emphasis has to be placed on its symmetry.


The eyes


The eyes of the dragons are similar to the way of drawing the eyes of a cat, except that more details are included to give it a more intimidating appearance, to make them start with a rhomboid, then trace a half circle inside it, with the bottom protruding, in the final strokes several curves are made, to make the folds of the eyelid.

The Scales


The texture of the dragons skin are made of scales, these must function as an armor that adapts to all their movements, the scales vary depending on their location on the body, and all follow a continuous pattern.

The Body

Being a fantasy being, the body of dragons is very varied, all depending on the interpretation or creativity of each artist, when building the structure of the body, its anatomy must be similar to that of birds and reptiles, this has to be strong and at the same time be able to make the flight..

Body shape of 7 limbs


This is the most well-known and classic composition of dragons, that of an animal with 4 legs, 2 wings and a tail, in real life according to science this anatomy of so many extremities is impossible, in the imagination everything is possible and a good draftsman You must be able to show the fantasy as something real in order to feel alive.

Body shape of 5 limbs


According to the science and theory of evolution, this would be the naturally possible form of a real dragon, an animal that evolved its front legs into wings, like birds and bats, one of the reasons that the movies are choosing more. for this design of dragons for sticking more closely to reality.

The Dragon in Flight

Every Dragon must be able to fly, the main reason that when designing one one must take into account the anatomy of the birds, or how the wings function and support during flight, as its main aesthetics is that of a reptile.


The wings of the dragon are membrane like those of bats, these have to be of a gigantic wingspan to be able to lift their body "each wing must measure the length of the entire body, from the snout to the end of the tail"


The body when flying retracts all its legs slightly backwards, and its tail undulates according to the wind.

Technical information:

Digital vector drawing
Program used Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
Full resolution 4724 x 3602px at 300dpi

Spanish version


Thank you very much for reading my post

I hope you liked my Guide and that it is very useful for you
See you in a future publication


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Oh shit! This is pretty awesome! I'll have to come back and try to walk my way through it.

One comment though in regards to evolution: there are creatures with more than two legs. Granted most of the ones living today are insects. There are mutations that occasionally create them in various species though. It's not implausible that a creature could evolve to have it's fore paws be giant webbed wings, and still have four other legs.

Dragons are so overrated... Why don't you try something like the duckbilled platypus?
!giphy it's amazing

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Damn! This rocks. I wish I had seen it before I drew my sad lizard. Great work, @inu-jim

how to make epic quote guide

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This is such an awesome share for someone like me! Thank you so much! I had to resteem it so it won't get lost and I am following you.

That is fantastic! I sure appreciate you sharing your process and design!
I resteemed it so I can have it available for when I create a dragon with my granddaughter!
Thanks again!

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