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One of the things I swore I wanted to do on this blockchain after my last 30 day long hiatus was to help others more. Well, my first chance to do so just hit me in the head like a Mike Tyson punch.

Not sure how many of you follow or know @gentleshaid, but I have for a while. He is one of the few who regularly engage and manually votes on my blog posts on this blockchain and doesn't just auto-vote without even reading a headline for the curation rewards.

He posts content about STEM, Nigeria, his travels, work, and all kinds of other topics regularly. He engages, interacts, and brings VALUE to the SOCIAL side of Hive. He is the type of community member we need more of.

Recently his laptop has taken a dump. He uses his laptop as his income source for his family and Hive is a major part of that. If the Hive community is what it says it is, then I am asking for us to all take the time to throw a little Hive love toward @gentleshaid like he does to us on a daily basis.

All rewards from this post is going to @gentleshaid and I ask you take the time to send at least 1 hive, if not more if you can afford it, to him as well. I sent some earlier because he means a great deal to me on this platform.


Sorry to hear that his laptop got bumped. I upvoted the post. Whatever we can do for him is really good. @joerhino you are really a good human being

Just doing what I think needs done. He is a good person and does good for the community and does right by everyone that I can tell.

I am quite humbled that anyone could go this far for me. Thank you so much @joerhino. It's been an awesome experience getting to interact with, and know you on this chain.

It wasn't going far at all. Just me typing a few words on a keyboard my friend. Just paying things forward as I know you will do some day.

Totally been there, respect to you for showing love in this way. I'm heading over to @gentleshaid to tip him some Hive now. 🙏

It's very kind of you @joerhino for standing up for a friend in a times like . i don't hive presently but the little i can do is to Upvote this post.

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Your support is appreciated, thank you!

This is commendable @joerhino ! Indeed he truly deserves this and thanks for championing the motion. @joerhino ! You are one in million.

I'm just another dude doing his thing and trying to help peeps out.

This is so nice of you! I upvoted at 100% and reblogged and Jay sent him a tip. You have such a kind soul, Joe. ❤️

Appreciate you and @ryzeonline doing that. Not sure about being a kind soul. I can be a hard ass a lot of times.

me too. But I've found out through walking and talking with you...that you have a lovely kind soul underneath. Like @Ryzeonline 😉❤️❤️❤️

@joerhino Yes, he is a committed hiver and a very good writer

Yes he is!