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RE: Demystifying HIVE: So.. you want a Big Vote?

in OCD6 months ago

Hahaha for someone who has built a reputation over the years, its logical to have your bars lifted up to some certain expectations, I mean, I for one I often look for people who wants to build, take little but put more into the system to reward others as well. I love engagement too, that makes everywhere sort of bubbly and then inadvertently the intent of a person matters, farming is what I think a few newbies want to do.


I was shit at writing when I started, I will freely admit it. It is something you can learn to improve on with practice. If a skilled writer arrives on HIVE, they will perk my interest. That is how it is.

I think each and everyday, we're improving and developing when it comes to contenting, I was way worse when I started out too, the most important thing is to have the growth mentality.

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