Its been a long time and with another family addition under way
Welcome back and hive five

yes! thanks a lot!

Welcome, @junebride.

Feel yourself like home.

thank you! I will!

Welcome back! xD I wish you a healthy pregnancy!!

appreciate it a lot dear! Thank you!

Congratulations on finally being pregnant, you must feel so happy! I hope you will deliver a healthy baby and be well!

thank you so much! I hope so too!

Wow what a nice intro post, completo rekado hehe.

Welcome back and together with few of our friends who are also here on Hive lets rebuild the community we started years ago.

Lastly congrats for being a recipient of one of God's great blessings to mankind, dugay2 sad thats why im so happy for both of you future mommy and daddy.

Take care and God bless you always...

Hi sir long! thanks for your kind words sir! Yes welcome back jd nato dre.. let's do it!

Thank you sir.. we are both excited for our first born...

Nice intro. Welcome!

appreciate your kind words!

Hola bienvenida a esta gran comunidad, exelente trabajo en tu post, saludos.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Welcome back. Wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and delivery.
Beautiful post.

thank you a lot for your wishes!

 4 years ago  

I have seen your posts pop up from time, but it's nice to formally have you back, ma'am Jean! Congratulations on your upcoming baby!

hi Kim! thank you! I appreciate it!

Welcome back sis and wishing you a safe and smooth delivery!

thank you sis!

Welcome back to HIVE

Looking forward to thriving on hive together

thanks! indeed.. I hope so!

Magandang Araw po at Mabuhay!

Inaanyayahan ka po namin na bumisita sa Pilipino community. Eto po ang link...

Pwede ka po magsulat ng tagalog at ibang Pilipino dialect. Aasahan ka po namin.

magandang araw din po! maraming salamat! ichecheck ko po to!

Im not @deevi but I am @olivia08
Jean, was lagi sabi ko na sa iyo. Kaya invite jud ka naku taman

ay dili d ay deevi to nay..ehehe salamat nay!

Nawala tong @deevi @olivia08 akong new

Wow! Nasulti ko naman ni ui pero congrats again dai sa pregnancy and sa yt nimu! Lami jud kaayu basahon imung mga blogs. 😍

salamat kau dai.hehe