Introduce Tipu curator project by cardboard - My Guide.

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First i want to ask thank you to @cardboard for creating this great system.


Source Hive LOGO + Tipu Logo

Tipu is a system built on quality creators.
People with access to tipu can send their friends / or whoever they want free votes and they will be rewarded for their work with Tipu.

Free votes?
Yes votes are free, but there is a small catch - curators who vote with Tipu (let's just say they recognize Potanicel) can control his voting power (higher amount of votes + more votes per day)

What do I say?

The Tipu system has levels. I currently know 1-6 and of course there are percentages. The bigger you get, the more votes you have with tipu a day, and the bigger your vote.

First, go to this Site.


Right now you see percentages, numbers and names, I guess you don't really understand what's going on here.

So let's explain to you

In the list of names you see, there are users who can use the system by writing the @tipu curate comment in the comments.
They can send TIP(add $ to post value) to the author for having worked hard enough on the post (and Tipu will vote for him).
Like I said the higher your level and percentages, the higher the number of votes + your vote per day.

Every day at 7:00 AM (UTC + 3) the mana is renew.
level explain:

Level 1 - you will get 1 vote, and you have ~0.5$ vote value. see below:


to next level you need to reach 106%.

Level 2 - you will get 2 votes, and you have ~0.7$ vote value per vote(50% burn per vote) see below:


to next level you need to reach 114%.

Level 3 - you will get 3 votes, and you have ~0.9$ vote value per vote(33% burn per vote) see below:


to next level you need to reach 124%.

Level 4 - you will get 4 votes, and you have ~1.15$ vote value per vote(25% burn per vote) see below:


to next level you need to reach 138%.

Level 5- you will get 5 votes, and you have ~1.38$ vote value per vote(20% burn per vote) see below:


to next level you need to reach 154%.

Level 6 - you will get 6 votes, and you have ~1.61$ vote value per vote(~17% burn per vote) see below:


Right now I don't exactly know if there are any more levels, but of course one sees that the percentages continue to rise and probably if you rise above 174% you will rise to the next level with more voting power.

You can double your vote (if you are high) - and that way you will spend more mana.
For example: If you are level 4, and your vote is $ 1.15 you can write in comments - @tipu curate 4 and it will vote for you 4X ($ 4.6) - and it will also waste you all the mana.
Or write @tipu curate 2 and it will give you 2X ($ 2.3) and it will also waste 50% from your mana.

The process goes like this:

first, you write in someone post @tipu curate (NUM) in comment:


after 2 second, @tipu reply you:


The comment tells you that tipu has voted for the post, and tells you how much mana (number of votes) you have left.

If you are not comment in the time(5 minutes before the post went up, you won't get anything and the post will be 0). you see like that:


and if you comment in the time(after 5 minute) and the post increase after @tipu vote you wll get 100%+, like that:


dont worry, if the post not increase - you will stay on 100%.

In order to increase the percentage you will need to look for a published post

And after 5-6 minutes since the post was posted

Then comment @tipu curate (NUM).

P.S I write after 5 minutes because after 5 minutes only you get curate from the post.

Each post entered into Tipu is checked after 5 minutes, then after an hour, then 4 hours, and so on.
The higher the post value (from the value of your vote does it?) The higher the percentage you get.

In the end, the average percentage calculation is calculated as follows:

The post value before the tipu vote, minus the post value after the tipu vote.
The result / sum of the value of the post before the tipu vote.

And the final score / 10 (or the number of posts you have)

Then you get the average percentage.

The section of every post with the percentages I still do not understand, but if anyone knows I would like explain it to me here in the comments

every day, you will get certain percent for you work with tipu, in hive.

At the moment I know one person who can put you in the system and this is @cardboard - the creator of Tipu!

If you have anything to add, I would like you to write me down here in the comments!


Great, explanation. Now we know that how @tipu curation works

Cool but how I can join @tipu?

Contact @cardboard and ask him if he can add you to the list :)

Great thanks 🙏

Cool to see this system on Hive... How I can become a curator ? Only nomination ?

Yes, that's the only option.

Ok thanks...

Hi @kahlon how are you?
Can I join your curation mission?

This is not my.
Ask @cardboard

okay, thanks for you information

@kahlon Where do I communicate with it, whether via Discord?

Yes, you can.
Simply serach him on discord and send him dm :)

To search on discord i need his 4 digit number tag to add