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WOW! I had no idea papayas grow so fast! I opened up a papaya 5 days ago, put ~30 of its seeds into a bucket with some sandy "dirt" sprinkled over them, crushed some dead leaves on top & look! Crazy fast growth woohoo! :)



I think I'm gonna setup a timelapse video of this and post it on my channel. Which reminds me, don't forget to vote on our HiveCast Proposal #274!

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When I pick stone fruit from the local area from old trees, I scatter the seeds ... urban guerilla gardening, 101... increase the amount of food available in the wild...

Time to transplant into the ground i would think.

yep, thanx atma! i just read that online actually. they say that papayas do not like to be transplanted, so do it while they are still little seedlings. will do that in the morning tomorrow :)
damn, i need to make some more compost too yikes..

Glad you are getting into food growing. Maybe you can video blog it on cast garden.

yep, for sure. i have always wanted to do that. i just need to buy a new power cable for my camera and then for sure i will post it on castgarden!
growing your own food for free is so much fun, really. and some of these plants are so EASY to grow too, amazing :)

I'm willing to bet that if I couldnt kill that plant my wife could in 30 seconds. LOL!

yeah im surprised ive been able to grow as much as i have in the last few years. my green thumb is broken lol

That's amazing
So I can plant papaya and it may grow in the next six months right?

It has worked for me so far, but who knows..

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