Preserving Knowledge, Encouraging Value: "HiveSteading" πŸ§‘β€πŸŒΎ

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Learning from History; Community is Everything πŸ“š

My grandma taught me about composting, planting season, growing and nurturing nature, harvesting, seed preservation and doubling our food production every year by practicing these things. She always said that shared knowledge (Community) is everything. Don't stress over life, develop solutions and smile more. She showed me how even the yard clippings and ash from the fire pit have value in the garden (a death and rebirth metaphor).

COMMUNITY is Everything.

Generations of Knowledge πŸ’‘

I was born in 1970 (gregorian calendar) and even back then they were already doing away with important classes in school such as gardening, ranching, sewing, auto shop, wood shop, building and other creative, character-building courses.

"Knowledge is Power" - What exactly does that mean?

Are we here to get rich and control narratives as usual? What is "rich" anyway? No, we are trying to empower each other, contribute value to our Hive Communities, make friends here and share in the wealth of knowledge that is here. Building sustainable, growing value from our wealth.

Hive doesn't have a Queen Bee. When we come together, we achieve great things. This is how Hive has grown to what it is today. Individuals coming together and providing as much value as possible, sustainability, just like a Farmer's Market. I love Farmer's Markets πŸ’ͺ🀠

So how do we bring back the values of this "old world" knowledge?

What is "Value"? πŸ€—

Walk in to any Community. You will see people sharing their knowledge, goods and services. Farmer's Markets are a great example of locals coming together and providing value to their community.

Doing this at the local level provides abundance and where there is abundance there is less crime and more smiles.

If someone comes to your community however, takes your income and buries your value, then a decision must be made. Do we just tuck tail and move to another community, or do we come together and support the downtrodden? Bullies are born out of deprivation and community empowerment, therefore building communities of abundance, cooperation and smiles renders the will to be a bully obsolete.

With so much fear pushed in the media today, my solution has been to just turn it off. Get back to planting trees and contributing more to my community. I quit watching the news and I started spending more time doing things that everyone to smile again. Force a smile right now and you will immediately feel better... That is real, electrical "power" in fact.

By allowing distractions from the core values of life, one essentially opens the door for the destruction of life.

"HiveSteading" 🌳

Hive is our home for shared values, streaming and social media. It's a beautiful place where we can share our ideas, labor, life lessons, works of art and smiles! A Homestead.

I love Hive because people actually stick around and contribute value here, just like the Farmer's Market.

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Community; Let's FOSS it & Launch it! πŸš€πŸš€

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Great that you had grandma to teach you this stuff. i didn't start learning and practicing until my 40's, but since then i'm all in. Save all my ash, urine, grass clippings and more and use them all in various ways.

Thanks for sharing, i'm learning more about you.

I haven't done the urine thing because the research I've read on that still seem to be 50/50. It gets compared with "animal byproducts" which in many gardens is a no-no. For example, we never put meat into the compost bin, but we do put eggshells in there. I'm just not sure yet, more research is needed imo.

My new endeavours are with #1 electro-culture and #2 pulling water out of the ground with my "mass-vacuum water pump". No electricity or human power needed. I'm gonna probably make a video about this thing soon so that this knowledge also gets preserved. Of course I will only post the video to a Hive-Tube powered streaming site tho, I'm a bit based hehe. Hive is a Truth (life) Preserver 🀠

Oh the miracles of urine therapy, both for humans and plants! i've been consuming myself (intermittently) since 2008, and giving to plants (diluted) since i started gardening properly in 2019 with great results.

i also compost my poop btw. Needs to be left for at least a year.

i've read up about electro-culture but not tried it yet, but i will.

Tag me when u make your pump post please. i haven't yet bought pumps & solar panels for my two wells which was my intention.

What do you think about this?

Depends on property lines. Did your dog wander onto my property? Or was the land an easement or "public"? The trapped dog is unfortunate, but I would feel the same if it was my kid, rather than my dog. It is my responsibility to teach my kids and (contain my) pets and teach them respect for other people's property. A bit off-topic, but I think this is what you were wondering, yes?

No, not thinking that, i was tagging mountainhigh to see if he thought it would work for my situation, and if he would construct it for me :-)

The Humanure handbook shows research which basically says you can compost anything. Can send pdf if you like

Community meaning sharing. That is a great lesson to learn. We will keep sharing together in hive community.

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