The Top 5 Reasons to use Hive with RSS

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What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, or Rich Site Summary. It's usually a simple text file that your computer or mobile device uses to tune in to just the data that you want to consume. No fancy web pages or programs to download. See an example RSS file here.

Hive + RSS were built for one another!

Who uses RSS?

  • People like me who are tired of being forced to visit multiple websites (like Youtube, Bitchute, Spotify, Vimeo, etc) and install multiple apps just to access the content I enjoy.
  • Creators who were tired of their content NOT being syndicated EVERYWHERE, out to multiple networks, apps and websites.

Hive + RSS = Decentralized Interoperability

With sites like CastGarden, 3Speak, Dbuzz, Liketu and Ecency offering RSS feeds for the content they publish, it makes it MUCH easier for users to discover said content. Whether it be microblogs, static imagery or even livestreams, RSS feeds serve up the raw information to hundreds of different websites, apps and dapps all at once.

So, what are the 5 Reasons to use RSS?

  1. Escape the Walled Gardens like Spotify, Youtube and Netflix
  2. Save bandwidth. Only download data that you actually consume
  3. Never get unsubscribed again; Creator "shadow bans" are impossible too
  4. Privately access your favorite Creators through any firewall
  5. Use whatever RSS tuner/aggregator you like...

HiveCast for example:

If you've never seen an RSS tuner with built-in monetization, or combined Tor, Fediverse and Hive network interactivity, I encourage you to check this out: 💪HiveCast aims to be the world's first. It enables you to break free of ALL the walled gardens out there and RSS is the only way to do it.

Why use multiple websites to access thousands of different channels?
Syndication is Everything.


I think this application makes sense
It is cool and it will even save space on your phone instead of downloading too much applications

I heard about this tool but I have never really incorporated the beneficial aspect of Hive + RSS assets.

That's the spirit!

From an outsider's perspective, it comes down to a value proposition, too.

It's common knowledge that YouTube charges several fees on creators, and is subject to all the restrictions of its comptrollers, so, it isn't just the company, Google, that is censoring access to information and free speech, but the comptrollers of Google, who truly benefit the most. As the gatekeepers, charging fees for access is what leads to these Walled Gardens - and most of them stopped being developed intuitively, a long time ago.

Spotify is no better. They take a huge chunk from the artists whose music gets streamed on their platform. I get that people think that streams are equivalent to the time, energy, and effort that the artist or creator puts into production, except it's not. There's a total disconnect between what artists and creators should be getting - and what they're actually taking home.

Media has always been gate-kept by whichever special interests dominate the space. I have to have an ad-blocker installed in my web browser, because 99% of the current version/iteration of the web is...bad. So many infestations with ads, and it ruins the UX at the end of the day.

Being able to control the distribution, by using RSS seems almost too easy, or perhaps that's because the old model of business involved charging radio stations $ to lease out the records, to play. I don't think radio stations purchased every single "song" that they broadcast, just like how most of radio is now digital playlist-driven, not 100% human decision-making.

RSS is actually "old school". It's been around since 1999 and just a few years later people started using it, A LOT.

With all the marketing that those web2 platforms do though, people got "roped" into those platforms and strangely forgot all about RSS.

Well, I intend to bring it back, in a BIG way for the Hive community and beyond. Our new HiveCast app will facilitate that and a hell of a lot more.

I didn't know about RSS until I went to college and started following different broadcasters around YouTube. I never used Spotify, because I've always owned all the music I like to listen to, the renting model makes you dependent on Spotify to give you the right to listen to certain songs.

It sounds like HiveCast would be a potential springboard towards much higher adoption, by audio/video people like podcasters, game-streamers, radio..

Absolutely 💯

The HiveCast "springboard", man that's good!

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I don't see a link to a HiveCast app I can emply to use RSS as described. Is there such an app?


Yep, it's in alpha as we speak and we put the status into our proposal here:

..and it'll be FOSS'd of course 💪🤠

Good thing I supported that proposal then!

Thank you! 💪

The future is FOSS and RSS. ..I wonder if Netflix knows that we're comin for them next hehe 😊