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Hello everyone and I am really excited to be here. Uhm, My name is Charles but I am popularly known as Onje. I am from the Giant of Africa, Nigeria and i stay in the country also. I am in my 20's and just graduated as a Petroleum Engineer. I created the account in February but i am fully here now.



I would love to describe myself as a big "vibe" because I am very spontaneous, easy doing and very happy to be around. I am always positive about what life has to offer to me and my friends than the negativity. It is what guides me to stay happy and fulfilled. I believe despite how bad our situations can be, there would be good times.


I am also very passionate about alot of things like photography. I believe in the power of taking pictures, the camera lens is one of the greatest gifts with the right exposure and angle, we could great memories.


I read alot of books outside my engineering field. I love to write also, I find it to be an amazing art of expressing my feelings with seeking an validation. I love to discuss about reviews of books, movies, animes and stories- I believe it is often amazing to put your opinions into writing and connect with people who share similar views with you.


I love anime so much, if I had my way I would ensure that the only movies we get to watch would be anime. I really hope for alot of people to see the light by "watching anime".
I love to engage with people, read several posts and have a wonderful contribution to similar ideas, learning new things also excite me so much. Hopefully the blog would provide these wishes.


The idea of joining hive was gingered by my dear friend @gone-hive. I had read few of his posts which are very amazing and he has introduced the blog to me severally. I feel it was time for me to join and explore this amazing Blog, hopefully everyone would see the amazing talents I have.


I have an amazing voice also, I might not be on the Grammy Award winning level but when I sing, you would love my voice. I sing to several genre of music and these songs affect my life in wonderful ways that I cannot imagine


The Crypto space is a very big space which is gradually evolving to become a popular face in the world. The Hive Blockchain would be perfect and amazing platform to learn and develop my Crypto knowledge. It would be a great joy to have this experience.


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