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A few days ago I introduced myself in my first post to this amazing platform. The feedback obtained by more experienced hivers was great, but it make me realize that my presentation was a little short and not quite as much informative as it should have been. So, here I am improving myself this time by re-introducing myself but this time making it the right way.

A little about me

I am from Cuba, which is a small country in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. It is a nice place to live with a year long warm climate. Even in winter is quite normal wearing light clothes and even sweating just for taking a walk in a shady place. I live with my wife and my little three-years-old girl in a small, but homey, apartment. Professionally I am a software developer with a few years of experience already. My mother tongue is Spanish and since school people has always admired my ability to easily express myself by writing. I have tried a few times already to take this ability seriously but I've never made the actual move to action. However I feel passion about the English language since I use it a lot as a developer to consume content and to communicate to several people on the internet. So, recently I was considering to start a blog or something alike and force myself to do some frequent writing about my professional experiences and also my personal opinions and experiences but just using the English language.

Then I discovered Hive

One day I was zapping on YouTube and I stumbled with a suggestion that got my whole attention since the beginning. It was a video about someone who was making money with a new kind of social network that reversed the classic scheme of traditional social media platforms by placing the content creator as the main character and not the platform owner as usually is the case with most of conventional social media. Sure it was nice to know that there was an opportunity to make money, but what amazed me was the general concept of empowering the authors (or anyone adding value to the platform) by decentralizing and preserving owner rights for the creators of the content. That was a game changing idea and I wanted to know more about it. At this point I must thank @lugodev and @robsasuke because their video on YouTube made me discover Hive, which eventually led me to be a hiver and finally get to this feeling of excitement for being part of something bigger, grater, and quite more fair than any regular social media platform I've used so far. Once I did a little more research on my own I knew this was the ideal place to take action once and for all and fulfill that delayed desired of express myself through writing without surrender to the almighty tech gods who dominate the internet with their free-to-use services.

My expectations on Hive

So far Hive seems like the big deal for me, so my biggest expectation is that this platform keeps growing and getting stronger by day so it last for many many years. I read about the creation of Hive by forking a previous platform named Steem and it made me even more sure about the future of Hive because I know the people behind it are committed to the platform, and more importantly committed to the ideal of being by the community, by the community. It feels great to know Hive resurrected like a phoenix and many are supporting it and pushing it forward. Apart from that I think that my expectations in the long run is making a living with my writing skills but that is not a priority for me nor is something I should place on the shoulders of the platform itself. That would be more an expectation on myself by using the platform wisely and turning my content into something really valuable for people. And my ultimate expectation would be to find a community to belong in, a place to share and find content for people like me. But again that's not on the shoulders of Hive. So putting it simple: I expect Hive remains Hive for a long time and only change to get even more awesome.

What kind of content would I be creating?

That's a difficult question to respond. I don't see myself posting only tutorials about some geeky development tool, platform, etc. Maybe it would be more like a journal. Most of the time I would be writing about my experiences like a father, a husband, a professional, a citizen, a human being. Sometimes I would share geeky technical stuff, other I would be expressing my frustration of dealing with life itself. I will try to use tags as cleverly as I can and also I will be looking for specific communities according to the topic of my writing and try to post it where it belongs the better. I will try to add images in the future to spice a little up my posts but for the moment I will concentrate more on the writing than in the supporting images. I still have to figure out the best way to deal with image sizing to use them correctly here on Ecency, as it will be my main front end to the hive blockchain. I just love Ecency's apps for desktop and mobile.

Final considerations

I must give a special mention to @lovesniper from @ocd for the really helpful feedback about my first post with my really shy introduction. I hope this time I had made a better job at following the Hive etiquette and my second presentation is up to the task. Thanks for your attention so far. Have a nice day!


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