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RE: On Hive Completing 100 Wonderful Days — The Good, The Bad, And No Ugly

in OCD16 days ago

First of all I would like to show my gratefullness being able to bump to this article (so happy and inspired). I am active with steemit for almost 3 years and left.

And after 2 years I came back with this new platform, I don't know much about it so I would like to thank you for those informations, glad that theres no ugly in it😊

But here we go with the bad😊, honestly this is one of the things I was puzzled when I started again, it made me asked why there are lots of communities, seems we are not united as one.

Also, not sure why we do we need so many communities. Again, posting on one hides the content from the rest. Or impacts visibility.

Because of this we lost the chance to be curated by everyone especially those powerful one because they belong or maintained a separate community.

Lastly I'm happy when you stressed this out:

  1. The Magical Freedom
    Because I don’t have to think of monetisation, I can write anything and everything. I can completely focus on what I love to write.

I also want to write those that I love to write, basically anything under the sun. Although honestly unlike you I am thinking of the money thing☺, I really want to save for me to increase my HP so I could upvote with a considerable amount to contents. It's a bit sad to see the value of your upvotes that doesn't even reach .01 for a 100% upvote.



So heart-warming to read this. Thank you for sharing. And yes, increase your HP and let's work together.

Good times are coming!

I will do my best to increase my HP in any way possible, I am planning to buy few hbd to be exchanged to hp delegations, hopefully my resources will allow me to do it soon.

Thank you!