First macro adventure with the new diffuser [Original Photography]

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As you might have seen in my previous post, I have recently acquired a new diffuser for my macro work. Today was the first time that I managed to try it out and it was pretty impressive. There wasn't much wildlife around due to the sudden drop in temperature here in the UK over the last few days, but I did find a solitary flying ant and, of course, some flowers.

It does give a lovely reflection on this shiny flying ant which was about to launch off this leaf.


And some lovely soft light on this lupin bud.


And the center of this clematis looks great too


All in all, I am really happy with the results I got from this diffuser and it will definitely be replacing my old single Lastolite mini soft box.

Thanks for looking



i like them. upvoted

These shots are absolutely beautiful...

Thanks, much appreciated

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That fly looks down the abyss and thinks "oops, that's high, I'm very lucky that I can fly". 😂
Beautiful macros and the new diffuser does a very good job.


Thanks. a few people have pointed out that it looks like he is looking down into an abyss. Didn't notice at the time but yeah, it does :)

You're welcome :)
... and I've just noticed that I called the flying ant a "fly" ;)


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That flying ant shot is fantastic. I think after a shot like that with new equipment I would be pretty happy also.

Thanks. It was literally the only insect i could find due to the weather and it certainly provided a nice pose for me.

On God these are amazing Mark

Cheers man, hope you are well. Long time no speak :)

Doing pretty good and staying safe.

Very beautiful shots...
I have started experimenting with my smartphone, because (no camera yet) - but I see myself very much attracted by macros, so I think I will try to learn more about it :)