Hive launches borehole water project in Ghana.

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Today, April 17th, 2022, Ghana has created significant history with the hive ecosystem, even as the world commemorates Christ's death. The Easter season has given so much pleasure to the inhabitants of Fawoade in Ghana's Ashanti region. It's not simply a pleasant day; it's a life-changing event. I'm writing to provide an update of the hive ecosystem's well project's launching ceremony to all hivers. The day has filled the hearts of the inhabitants of Fawoade with joy since one of the community's key issues has finally been addressed.

Ghana has several villages and towns that struggle to acquire enough water for their everyday operations. This encouraged the hive ecosystem to assist in the construction of a borehole water system via its community empowerment activities. Fawoade is a small village in Ghana's Ashanti region that was selected to benefit from the hive empowerment activities by receiving a well. Over the last several weeks, under the supervision of @mcsamm and @collinz, a well has been constructed to deliver potable water to the people of the Fawoade village and nearby towns.

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Preparations towards the Launch

Earlier this weekend, I posted a post about the Hive Project Launch Preparation, which featured all of the preparations and numerous tasks required to guarantee the borehole project's smooth launch. I must state unequivocally that this is one of the greatest blockchain-related projects Ghana has seen. We are quite proud of the hive ecosystem's efforts to improve lives in Ghana and across Africa.

We contacted certain Ghanaian media outlets, who promised to cover the project launch and share the news with all Ghanaians on their news platform. Among these media outlets were Ghanaweb and ModernGhana, who agreed to cover the opening of the hive project on all of their news platforms.
Other media people who agreed to shoot videos and images for us to utilize on all social media channels were also there. Because the introduction of this project was planned in conjunction with the leadership of the Fawoade community, we agreed with the town's leaders to set the date for today, April 17th.







In this respect, a number of announcements had been made. This was done to guarantee that the whole community gather with us at the premises of the town council leader, where the well is located. We then made it certain that some refreshments, pastries, and water were prepared to serve all members who would be present for the launch. This refreshment session was offered to convey our gratitude to the Fawoade community for embracing hive in their community.

Since the start of the hive's well project in Ghana, we've been in contact with a number of hivers and specialists for advice and help to ensure that everything goes well. And we are delighted to have contributed to its establishment in order to give water to the Fawoade community.





Hive has a distinct brand that must be communicated in order for this empowerment programme to be successful. On that point, a lovely hive plaque was designed and made for the well project. This was to share the intellect behind the development of this remarkable facility with the people of Fawoade and the rest of Ghana. In addition to the project plaque, we printed some hive stickers with the hive name and logos to exhibit the Ghanaian people the hive ecology.

The Project's inauguration

At 11:45 a.m., we (@mcsamm and @collinz) convened at Fawoade neighborhood, where the well is located, with the camera and other media men. We had meticulously prepared with all of the necessary documents to guarantee the project's smooth launch. Ribons and other materials were made accessible to us in order to create the project. As a result, several members of the community after church service gathered at the venue, as ordered by the community leaders.

When the majority of the people had arrived for the ceremony, the launching began with a word of prayer by one of the town elders, as is customary in Ghana. He then announced the purpose of our assembly to everyone who had gathered there. After the members were briefed on the cause for our gathering, @collinz was asked to make a short lecture to the community about HIVE as the primary sponsor of the Fawoade community's well.











From there, we asked four community leaders to join us as we cut the ribbons to formally declare the hive project inaugurated and dedicated to the community. A rousing wave of applause filled the place, and members' faces were filled with excitement. It was a wonderful sight to watch when the pipes were opened and everyone could observe the flow of the drinkable water that had been given to them.

The refreshment

After the hive project was inaugurated, all community members were given water, refreshments, and pastries in appreciation for their participation in the event. The distribution of food items guaranteed that every present member received a portion of the food that was made accessible to them. Despite the fact that not all members were there since some were still on their way back from town and church. We still fed around 85-90 persons who attended this launching event.





It's always felt wonderful to be thankful to the individuals who helped you become who you are. This caused the area and town landlord chairman to offer him the chance to show appreciation to the hive ecosystem on behalf of the whole Fawoade community for this great gift. I @mcsamm was compelled to interpret portions of the message he transmitted in expressing their heartfelt thanks to the hive environment since he chose to talk in our local dialect (twi).

The occasion came to picture sessions in which residents of the community requested that we take some photos with them before our departure. We had had fun shooting photographs with the community members, and I've included a few more images below.









On this point, we are pleased to announce that the hive empowerment project in Ghana has been formally inaugurated and dedicated to the Fawoade community in Ghana, with the goal of providing adequate drinking water to the community. My upcoming posts will go into further depth regarding the ceremony and what happened. We would like to offer our deepest appreciation to all hivers @guiltyparties, @theycallmedan, @doze, @ranchorelaxo, @ocdb, @trafalgar, @resonator, @acidyo, @ackza, @v4vapid, @canadian-coconut, @haejin, @adetorrent, @daveks, @zuerich, @lichtblick, @dswigle, @newsflash and all who have supported our initiative up to this point. On this wonderful day, we share the pleasure of the Fawoade community with the hive ecosystem.*


Promo Project : Construction of borehole system
Location : Fawoade-Adudwama (Ghana, West Africa)
Sponsor : @valueplan
Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz


Changing lives with hive.


I am overjoyed to see the project completed and successfully launched. The impact Hive has made today is all the more reason we need to keep marketing it and spreading the word. I believe there are many potential investors who should be aware that Hive has the potential to warrant investment. It's been a pleasure working with you thus far. Thank you for your time and effort, Sam.

We share the victory together. This is to help us in our promotional journey. Ghanaians can always boast of hive as the only blockchain that has done this first in Ghana. And hive will possibly handle more projects to empower people through its promotional initiatives. Thanks for your effort too bro.

We need someone to make a magazine with its free really easy magazine cover templates just 5 pages is good...

Then post on twitter and what we need is this in mainstream news to email yahoo news and cnn and msnbc and fox news and twitter crypto people should be paid to keep promot8ng this

Need to reach out to @leofinance to sponsor this too

Now please please post the @telosnetwork proposal on or wallet

We need that telos telokanda water proposal 100% going to your account and to get telos projects like this to compete now for some medical or school systems to compliment the water

This is a great history to be proud of. I am sure many Ghanaians will begin to learn more about hive even as these media houses are about to share news of what hive has done in Ghana. Thanks to you guys for bringing us this update @mcsamm and @collinz

Thanks for passing through today. Hive is about to make more history here in Ghana. Let us be ready for the great course @tv4souls

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Wow.. that's awesome.. I didn't even know this project was going on

It started 3 weeks ago and I have constantly updated the blockchain about its progress. Thanks for passing through. We're so proud of the history made in Ghana with hive, to empower people..

3 weeks 🤯 it took @drutter over a year to raise enough money to buy Edgar in Venezuela a well.. I remember supporting that cause forever..


Thank you.

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Woooow its like the scene in mad max 4 where immortal joe releases the water!!!!!

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Wow, this is impressive! So much efforts have gone into making this project a reality in Fawoade community. How long did it take to complete the installation of the borehole? This is excellent work, @mcsamm. Well done and keep up the great work. 🙂

It took us 3 weeks to finish up this project. But that's because it was the first time. Maybe doing another one will be done in a week or two. Thanks for your comments dear.

Awesome work. Congrats.
Rehived and I have sent you @pishio.

We're grateful for your daily support dear.

Great friend. Excellent. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks for the mention and support. We're proud of hive to transform lives in Ghana.

Wow - what a fantastic thing to support - I love it !

Thanks too for passing through. Hive is a life changing blockchain.

wow, this is massive

It is a great impact made by hive ecosystem in Ghana.

Indeed 💯 Great work Man 👨

Draft1 Telos Proposal for mcsamm and collinz Ghana Borehole Water Wells hiveprojects

In the spirit of the official Hive x Telos partnership created on Sept 23rd 2021, I would like to use Telos Proposal funds to help expand the existing work on hive from a Doctor in Ghana whose username is mcsamm who has also been on telos for many years now in a smaller capacity. His project from hive and his co workers like collinz have proven themselves and their hiveproject with Hive branded borehole water wells drilled into the Earth in villages that need it, complete with blockchain branded storage tanks and faucets. These physicals water faucets are a perfect opportunity for Telos to get their logo on a piece of physical human infrastructure that uses Telos to replace their own local government infrastructure projects. So many dapps can be built out of this project from NFTs to support the building fo wells to a Starlink Dish/Router/1yr of prepaid service for Internet Cafes and schools established around these borehole well faucet points.


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