Obtaining support from within; a true life story.

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One of the great and intriguing gestures that individuals have expressed recently is learning that they may obtain aid from inside after they had long sought support outside which however yielded anything positive. But this is quite natural, particularly when they undermine the strength of people around them. They will never trust you to assist them to solve their issue until you demonstrate your ability. There are several societal concerns in Ghana for which individuals have sought solutions throughout the years with no positive feedback.

Among the fundamental issues that people encounter on a daily basis, particularly in villages of Ghana, is the provision of quality health care. There are some places in Ghana where individuals cannot afford to buy drugs or seek basic medication when they get ill. As a consequence of their neglect, countless lives have been lost. It is heartbreaking to see individuals die every day as a result of their inability to pay for health care.

Another critical problem that has decided the destiny of many young people in Ghana is education. Most deprived locations in Ghana are populated by people who really live in poverty. The only thing they can brag about is the farmland that their ancestors left them. Most agricultural villages are impoverished, making it difficult to provide their children with a quality education.


This has caused many school-aged people in such areas to drop out in order to help their parents and themselves raise crops that can be harvested and sold later for money. Students who cannot afford to purchase writing or reading materials to enhance their educational courses are robbed of the excellent education that other students get in cities.

One of the few issues that these Ghanaian communities face is a lack of safe drinking water. Drinking from a moving river might be hazardous to their health at times. Others trek over vast distances in search of water for daily consumption. Because of the lack of these social services, communities have turned to governments for assistance throughout the years.

The latest hive borehole project, which took place in two distinct areas of Ghana, is meant at offering assistance to people and communities that have little chance of a better life for themselves. Another endeavor planned is the release of hive-branded books to aid students who cannot afford to buy books and other writing supplies. These and other products are designed to be freely distributed in order to improve people's lives.


The hive ecosystem, through local individuals, is doing this to help others believe in themselves. Ghanaians have been astonished to realize that they have individuals within them who can undoubtedly assist fix some of the societal issues they have had over the years since the building of these boreholes. Villages have long relied on governments and groups to come to their rescue, unaware that they have huge support inside them.

This wonderful concept by the hive ecosystem uses local individuals to benefit local communities. It has inspired many individuals and communities in Ghana to trust in their own abilities. I am inspired by Ghanaians' newfound enthusiasm to provide solutions to basic problems of villages that the government has not attempted in years. The hive blockchain may provide a variety of services to local residents in the coming days.




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