STEEMIANS! Tonight We Dine In Hell! Cast The Votes For Your Witnesses NOW! UPDATE!

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EDIT: @Yabapmatt and @roelandp are already producing blocks as top 20 as they are ranked 1st and 2nd right now. Focus on @good-karma and @themarkymark so we can have at least 4 witnesses among the top 20.

I am going to keep this one short because obviously there is no reason to make things complicated. You've probably read dozens of posts by now from fellow Steem users regarding witness voting.

Don't take things lightly. It is NOW or NEVER.

Just like everyone around here I don't necessarily agree with everything our previous top 20 witnesses say or do.

But at this point is simply DOESN'T MATTER!

If there is a chance to take our blockchain back we should all support witnesses sitting between 23rd and 48th spot.

2020-03-03 17_14_09-SteemPeak.png

Less than 2 hours ago a new account was created using anonsteem service and keeps bringing in STEEM in massive amounts as you can see on the screenshot below...

2020-03-03 17_13_45-.png

2020-03-03 17_01_53-SteemWorld ~ @hkdev404.png

Obviously Justin or one of their friendly exchanges(?) wanna make sure that they will hold the top 20 spots no matter what....

A quick research to the guy sitting on the 22nd spot just to see if there are any internal leaks....

2020-03-03 17_21_30-SteemPeak.png

2020-03-03 17_21_11-SteemPeak.png

I am pretty sure you are familiar with these names....

I really DO hope that you know how to vote for your witnesses. If not make sure you proxy your account and all of your alt accounts to someone who does.

If you face difficulties you can always proxy my account.

Don't give up on Steem...



WE do not need the sun, for we shall fight in the shade

Just keep your eyes open for arrows!

Lol we’ve merely been sharing our culture with Justin

What you talkin' about Willis!

I just gave Mark a witness vote.

Good job bud. We need 10 more in there.


It's call to action just did my part. Steem on!

Good to know mate.

Me too. I literally used all of my 30 witness votes.

just done my part of contribution

Good job people. Apparently we already have 6 of our own in the top 20 right now!

We need to keep it up

Why are you supporting those who made Steemit suck?


@Yabapmatt is number 1 at the moment. All the other 19 are Sun's tokens.

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Ya I saw that buddy. # more in there so they can't fork the chain

Is 22.4444 still targeting specific accounts of STINC? It is best that people know what they are voting for before voting in my opinion.

They know what they are voting for. Community vs a boss

Simple as that

Simple as that

No it's not.

I am unsure what the strategy is? who to vote for and who not to vote for?

I guess you have to ask yourself if you want the chain to be ruled by a single entity or by the community.

If you want a decentralized platform then witness spots 21 to 50 need support

Now the situation has been changed. Some of the good old witnesses went into the top 20, and some new ones went above 20. I suggest some good ones.
Vote for them, if you like to have a decentralized platform:
@yabapmatt (he is currently the first amongst the witnesses).
@roelandp (he is currently the second amongst the witnesses).
@good-karma (he is currently the 23rd amongst the witnesses).
@themarkymark (he is currently the 24th amongst the witnesses).

Good-karma and Marky will be in the top 20 in no time

If you want Steemit run from a centralized location vote for the top 20... If you want freedom and self-determination (decentralization) vote for witnesses from "Witness thread."

Ok, let's do this!
21st til' 50th spot...

Sweet. GO go go!

Just voted. I don't believe in success so much, but let's see what happens.

Have faith bud.

1.5 mil to go!!

Way less right now...steempeak is displaying MV not SP

Voted and made a post on my blog about the same.

Nice job mate! I think we can do it.

I've adjusted my witnesses (none in the top 20) I notice they are all from an "External Site" I assume a server in China or elsewhere. I have 4 votes left that I'll pledge soon- I've been trying to upload a post all morning. This isn't about voting friends and acquaintances anymore- this is for the soul of Steemit!

Exactly. It would be good to reach out to friends and such and make sure they do the same

Great job

Yup, I'm doing exactly that

Yabapmatt is in, for now! Now all these posts say "vote 21 to 50" but that's wrong! Don't vote 21! Why am I yelling!

Ya I saw!!!

Fixing it asap. We need 3 more in there so they can fork shit.

Voted mine in seven days ago before the sun showed up with his ☻

Apparently we are back in the game! I love it

We keep fighting! 🤞


For voting? That's an obligation for anyone who understands what this community means now.

Have you voted for yours yourself? ☻

I did via Steam Peak.

Which site you took the screenshot from displaying the single voters?


Thanks for that screen shot, Judge Justin by his actions and not by his Tweets.

United we stand divided we fall!! Vote for steem's future!! It might be a long shot but lets see, doesn't hurt to try. Hopefully enough of the old top 20 witnesses can be restored in time to keep working towards a decentralized platform. Take down the sun!

Hopefully this will teach us all a valuable lesson. This platform is like freedom in general-easy to take for granted and be complacent but worth fighting tooth and nail to stop a POS like Justin Sun and his corrupt cronies from taking it away from us. Fight on Steemit

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Good lesson.

I too voted.

More than 35.000 votes casted today. Amazing stuff

!giphy Bob+The+Builder
I have 30 witnesses

Joining Tron is a great idea. I cannot wait.

I agree that at this point, ti doesn't matter. We gotta stop the take over. I voted.

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@themarkymark the manslaughterer is not the one to support.

Drop @themarkymark the manslaughterer from ur witness vote.

Same for @gtg, @patrice etc, the worst enemy of Steem.