Want some good news despite the current witness voting chaos? How about a new listing for Steem?

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So cut to the chase.

Kucoin exchange stand by our fight to take back “our” blockchain and announced that the next project they are about to list on their exchange is...STEEEEEEEEEM, if some requirements are met.

People on Twitter are watching...and so do some exchanges.

KuCoin is a big one...trust me on that.

They obviously realized that Steem is a living entity consisted of thousands of users.

That's what exchanges are looking for. Users...Clients...Volume.

And considering how Binance, Poloniex and Huobi acted...I'd say that this is a really good option.

For more info go straight to this tweet and let them know what a hard-core community we are.

Full Steem ahead!


Right on, liked and responded to the Tweet! This is the most attention STEEM has gotten in a long time so nice to be able to leverage it for something constructive.

Wow thats brilliant, see what a bit of media shouting can do and Kucoin has ignored us for years. Also they just want to stick it to other exchanges. Lol @kucoin and ask them will they ever use customer funds to vote on governance

We should bombard them with questions for more info.

The world is watching! Awesome news.

Awesome news indeed.

This is good to see. Steem is getting a lot of attention from this.

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Yup, and any crypto investors who are really here for decentralization can put their $ money where it counts and join our army.

I know that if I was an investor who hand not put money in STEEM, I would be putting at least a $10 in just to be able to say I helped make crypto truly decentralized.

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And the best part is that they came to us and not vise versa

The longer we stand our ground, the more people will recognized that a true chance of decentralization is right here.

This is a GOOD thing.

Let's see who else is paying attention.

If I was a crypto investor who had $$ in those exchanges that played dirty, I would be pulling out my crypto. I mean, they essentially just froze people's assets for 13 weeks. Whoops, their bad.

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Great. :)

Beyond great I'd say ;)

Right on! I don’t fully subscribe to the “any press is good press” theory but those who do have to be in a good place with the global buzz and drawing of lines.

Imagine the credibility the unique community here is getting as we stand in solidarity. It is definitely a grey area when this solidarity is encouraging decentralization or challenging the notion of dpos but it is something substantial nonetheless.

Will be interesting to play a small part and see how this unfolds. Never a dull moment.

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Dull moment? There's more suspense around here lately than a Spielberg's movie...

LOL true!! 2 entire night asleep!!

@mindtrap, I will be in Athens during the weekend. Do you live there?

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Yeah I do. Really? Hit me on discord mindtrap#9035 but gimme a couple of hours first :)

OK! I wrote to you in Discord. Have your time! And Steem on!

I love this move from Kucoin!! They really are stepping for Steem!! Giving my support for this one!!

They are stepping for steem, and stepping up to their competitors. Those other exchanges shot themselves in the foot. Nobody wants to be the "helper friend of the billionaire" if they want lots of people cause, well, most people are not billionaires.

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Having alternatives is always a good thing. We shall see..

nice but kyc'd

Can't have it all...

I retweeted and liked their tweet. I also asked them what are the certain requirements. Currently there are 36 retweets and 94 likes on their tweet.

Give it some time...it will go viral...I hope

I hope that's not another dumping gateway for Justin when he gets his hand on his stake... Otherwise good news. The more listings the better.

At this point, we want him to dump. He can't dump too much without the price going low and any bit he sells is a win for decentralization.

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With all this publicity even if he dumps Steem will eventually land in good hands.

Many out there are digging to see what Steem is all about...

A good news @mindtrap, feeling backed by a platform as big as Kucoin is a relief to counteract the chaos that currently exists. Thanks for the news.

Let's hope it will play out the way we want it.

Just sign up for a Twitter account for this using my phone number.

Ha! Sweet

My reply:

Yeah I saw. Good one...your reply will eventually climb on top ;)

Wow! That would be great!

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Fingers crossed

This is great news.

Awesome indeed. Dozens of Steemians stormed and the comment section of their tweet says it all!

This whole episode has made me more bullish than ever on steem. Funny how that works. If you are fighting over something then its obvious it has value.

Ok all I can say is that you are equally addicted as I am. Fucking love this place.

Awesome news! I didn´t even realize the current war we are at can have positive side effects like this one but there you go :) As you say, the world is watching...

We'll walk out of this stronger than ever. Mark my words.

That's great news. Our story has a lot of momentum and its great to see this support

Who would have thought that a couple of days ago eh?

Or naybe they just want to capitalize on people dumping steem?

I ain't dumping. Are you?

As a matter of fact people keep powering up...the only one who might dump is Justine but with all this free advertisement, I think we'll get out of this stronger

Thanks for this post.

I agree, I'm surprised Kucoin still doesn't have steem

I don't have twitter. Twitter block my account in twitter. I hate Twitter because they set their own rules for centralization and block users as they see fit. You can post a screenshot of this message on Twitter for the Kukin exchange, I'm in favor of exchanging for kukoin.

Here is the screenshot!


worth to note i know their team and even had interview with co-founder https://fuk.io/exclusive-interview-with-johnny-lyu-of-kucoin-exchange/

My antibodies ready to fight against the coronavirus after seeing this news


I wasn't paying much attention to them. Now KuCoin has my attention and respect.

Let’s see how things will play out. Hopefully...the way we all hope for.

I've been checking out their features. This stuff impress me more than Binance. They will be a great addition to STEEM.

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This came out really good!

BOI also wrote a post about the latest events and we would really appreciate you taking a look.

Steem on, my friends!

After seeing this tweet, I immediately registered an account there. Have to check out what they're offering. It's a good sign that they're supporting the community instead of Sun.

BOI also wrote a post about the latest events and we would really appreciate you taking a look.

Steem on, my friends!

Good news is always welcome, especially these days! This is awesome.
Thanks for putting a little smile on my face, once again :>)

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geeeez, after reading this article, sounds like this may be just one more "thanks for nothing" curse than a blessing for steem lol ...

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