MY INTRODUCTION - 12 April 2021

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Good evening friends of Hive Blog wherever you are. In my first introduction, allow me to introduce myself to the great and talented friends of the Hive community. I got to know the hive platform from my best friend named @subkiusman, he advised me to write my first post about this introduction.

Come on to meet me, and let me introduce myself here, my name is Muhammad Alan Mirza, I am currently 28 years old, I come from Asia, to be precise in Indonesia - North Sumatra. Tells a little about my family, I am the first child of three siblings.

I work at one of the regional public hospitals, to be precise in North Aceh, namely the Cut Meutia General Hospital. There I worked as an emergency room administration, namely in the Medical Records section.

I will also tell a little about my hobbies, my hobbies are uncertain, my hobbies follow my mood, sometimes I like reading, sometimes I like writing, sometimes I also like to play games for a long time.

Okay hive friends, maybe that's my first introduction to my post this time, hopefully I can be accepted in the hive blog community, and ask for suggestions and input so I can improve my writing from day to day.

See you on my next post

Greetings to all of us. greetings from me @mirz


Welcome mirz!
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Thank u @ecency, nice to meet u

Manually curated by goldendawne from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much sir !

Hi @mirz and thank you @subkiusman for onboarding
Welcome to the Hive blockchain and platform, you will for sure have a great yime here Yes its happening you are a hiver or Bee as we are calling ourselves now. This is the moment to warm welcome you as a new user. And you receive this message because you used the #introduceyourself tag!

I was welcomed with good advice too when I started so here I am returning the favour. I know that Hive may seem very overwhelming right now but don't worry. After a few blog you will be a great blogger and contributor.
If you have any questions just ask your questions on any of my blog posts and I'll be more than happy to assist you with whatever questions you may have! I may know the answer. If not I will know someone who does.

Very important I recommend you to never give up any off your passwords they are yours.
To blog i use Peakd, to control your account use Ecency, also an App I use is great, it gives you insight on what is happening in your account.

Maybe great to join the terminal in Discord and visit @heyhaveyamet to See more newcomers onboard.

Good Luck, Have fun and I wish you loads of success on here! :)

GREETZ from Holland
Theterminal discord invite

Good luck to you as the new arrival, may hive become your new life !


Thank you for your warm welcome...
I really feel like I found a new family here...

Sorry I just replied to your message, I just filled the hive power...
Greetings, reprimand me if I'm wrong 😊🤝

Hahahah that won’t happen, wish you good luck and mistakes will happen. There is so much to learn online on hive

Hahaa 😃, thank u so much . . .

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Hello! This is @riverflows from the OCD team. Well done for posting your first post! Congratulations and welcome!

Yay, another Indonesian! There's a few of them here!! I have been working with @lotusindonesia and @moex-photografy to promote #naturalmedicine content so am meeting a lot of Indonesians here! I know what you mean about hobbies - mine change all the time too, which is why HIVE is so awesome - there's so much here! There's lots of communities you could try. Check them all out here. OCD curators are always on the look out for good content in communities to give upvotes to!

If you have questions or concerns, you can hop into OCD's Discord server and we'll gladly answer your questions.

Thank u very much @lovesniper

Selamat datang di hive.
Saya curator komunitas Natural Medicine Indonesia sangat senang anda bergabung disini.

Terimakasih bang, salam kenal 😊

Welcome bro 😎

Terima kasih banyak pak @subkiusman 😎