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RE: OCD Community Incubation Program Finalized

in OCD4 days ago

Thanks for the update, since you said about you'll support the new community. Maybe it's fine to suggest that you will support the @hiveph community. Even though it's a community that was made to support the Filipinos. I think it's a valid suggestion since our community still low its reputation.

If you'll try visiting our community you will know that might be new or might found your interest. The Philippines community is just growing so I hope to have your support.


It may be something I forgot to mention in this post as I've mentioned it in the past ones or in so many other places and many times before (not your fault I just took it for granted), but this is more about genre's and not general content specific to certain languages or countries.

ah, thanks for taking time in answering my comment. I get it now, hehe

We'll try to formulate new ideas that could be fitting to all ph users.