Gemstone Journeys, Part 1: Oregon Sunstone

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Oregon sunstones were born in the South- Eastern Oregon desert, near the Hart Mountains.

@madame-cyntaia and I spent time at the mines in SE Oregon in the dry, dusty, blazing heat, searching for these beauties. We brought home many fine sunstones, mining the old-fashioned way, with screens, a little bit of blood, and a whole lot of sweat!

I love faceting Oregon sunstones-- you never know what you'll get until after you've cut the stone. The copper inclusions in the stone create what's called 'schiller', and every stone is different because of it. They can pick up hues of green, red, pink, blue-green, yellow, orange... or be as clear as glass. Sometimes their schiller is so concentrated that Oregon suntones look like they contain glitter.

For more information about Oregon Sunstones, check out:

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All #gemstones and #photographs by @nomaddreamer.