Walking Through the Woods and Rambling on Camera

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I Thought It Would Be Fun To Run The Camera

So I have never done any kind of vlogging of any kind. Generally speaking, as soon as you turn the camera on I am like a deer in headlights. For that reason, I thought it would be an interesting experiment to just turn on the camera and rambling as I went on my walk yesterday.

Edit a few days later: Wow! I was pale as a ghost in that video.. I didn't realize how sick I was looking from lack of sleep. Geez...

There's nothing especially interesting in there, but feel free to have a listen if you are really bored.

I often take a break and sit on this log halfway through my hike

I had the idea to start filming myself while sitting on this log. I have always been a bit self conscious, I think. It's something that I probably need to get over!

Perhaps I could come up with some subject matter that I'd like to talk about, then make a free notes and free-form talk about it on video. I think that would be good practice!



Rumpelstiltskin :D

I am happy to hear your voice and also get some good exercise which I myself is really wanting to do Sir @nuthman I also appreciate your ramblings while walking I agree with you.
Best regards to little Ricky and Amanda and always keep safe.

Hehe thanks for sitting through it all. I also like to hear the voices of the people that I have chatted with online. It gives you a voice to hear in your head while you read their blog posts.

I find you to be a very gentle and kind person upon hearing your voice Sir @nuthman

It's not for the upvote, but just to let you know I "struggled" (hahaha) through your ramblings all the way and heard something with 'purple', didn't understand what came after that.
Take care and thanks for the walk.

Haha, I guess it was a weird word. It was the only thing that came to mind in the moment!

Great job my man. And it will get easier and easier with everyone you do. I like doing the free form vlogs. Keep up the great work :)

Thanks man! I will try some more soon. I noticed on this video I look white as a ghost.. haha! Hadn't gotten any sleep for days since the little one was born. Exhausted!

I am with you. I can't do the whole vlogging thing. I wish I could, but I just feel that no one wants to see or hear me. It is bad enough they have to look at my selfie pictures every now and then :) Nice job by the way!

Haha yeah I don't like to put my face out there like I did when I was younger. I have developed a bit of self consciousness since I hit my 40s..

Practice makes perfect, I think you will do better and better. Nature vlogs are very cool!

I am gonna try to do some more later. Practice, practice, practice, as they say.

Yes! You look good on camera, you are a trooper, especially now after the little Ricky came into the world! Now every parent must have a secret super power tank because I am sure it is exhausting! So going out in nature and practicing your vlogging skills is a very good thing to do to recharge your batteries!

How's Amanda and the little one?

There called passion fruits flowers ...but on my side no fruits
You can wear your long hair as a mask 😆
I tried the vlogging for astro but i sound like super high on 50% thc 😅

Passion fruit! That's it... I couldn't think of the name for the life of me.

lol! I actually could tie my hair into a mask. I wonder if I'd get away with it. haha... I think I'd have to be on the THC myself to pull that one off.

I don't know why, but really weird hearing your voice after so long of just text and photos ~ I think I would feel the same as you with a camera running, not something that I have done before either. It did make me laugh though, and smile at the American accent 😀

Anyway, not bad for a first attempt Rick, well done Bro 😎


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Wow, you really walked so many kilometres away. Why do they blocked the exit way? You ain't looking sick hahahaha. Why don't you sleep?

Greetings from Ilorin Nigeria 🇳🇬.