Best Hive App So Far

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Surprised by the quality

Finally I had the chance to install Dapplr. And I have to state, I was pleasantly mind blown. This App, to me, is a Pro one. The looks, the interface the little hidden gems, it is such a joy to use. By far the best App to publish on so far.

And for once Android users are the first ones to enjoy this one. It is slick, responding fast, there is some very clever thinking behind it. Hive key signing based and it can be used with several accounts. It also supports Hive communities using the names instead of the unclear hive-00000 thing. It does feel very smooth using it.

Posting an Instagram alike publication is also made easy. While publishing an article (like this one) is just as simple. Adding images, with or without filters, and GIFs is a breeze.

So far I'm impressed by the ease of use and the professional look and feel. If some App shpuld be promoted to onboard new users, then this one is it.

Get your copy now! 😎👍

It is here (Android):

Dapplr, the reason to get an Android Smartphone.

Screenshot by @oaldamster

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