Meet OCD's Curators & Community Leaders #4

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Authored by @macchiata

For the last four years, OCD has been curating daily undervalued content in the chain. The project adapts and strives to the changes in the blockchain. We continue to grow and keep the project fresh with new ideas by bringing in passionate curators and, in recent addition, community leaders.

From OCD daily curation, community incubation program, and Posh curation, one of the common factors to make all this happen is our curator's and community leaders' involvement.

As a part of appreciating their time and effort, we will highlight our OCD curators and the community leaders. By highlighting them, we invite you to meet and learn about the folks behind OCD & the community leaders supported in the incubation program.

You can check their profile and give them a follow, but please do not direct message them with a link to your post. The curators and community leaders are constantly browsing the chain and the community to find your content. Hence, as an author, keep focusing on creating quality content and engaging in the community you prefer.

OCD Curators & Community leaders


I'm @riverflows and I started my HIVE journey in 2018, writing about natural health, travel, yoga, surfing and some of my fiction and poetry. I think curation is super important and with the help of some awesome Hivers, we try to support as many people as we can and help them feel at home here on HIVE and in our community. I've loved my journey on HIVE as I've learnt so much and met so many amazing people from around the world. I've recently upped my curation game, particularly with OCD as a daily curator, because it's nice to give back and I really admire what OCD and the community leaders are doing to help with user retention and to reward undervalued content.

As a daily curator I'm looking for content from newer users and helping direct them to communities that they could join and may not be aware of. I'm also looking for content that might not be in the supported OCD communities currently so they don't get missed either. Of course I'm particularly interested in health and natural healing, but anything that tells a good, original story and that is well written piques my interest. I'm also trying to support the writers communities a little more as often it's hard to curate longer form content and fiction can be difficult for people to curate as they might not know what's good or have the time to read it. Although Natural Medicine takes up a lot of my time, I try to support as many communities as I can through comments, curation and posting, because I really believe in the power of curation to grow HIVE and retain users.

Through my interest in herbalism I began the Natural Medicine community, which has grown to support all kinds of natural health content from yoga, meditation and mental health, herbalism and healthy eating, and homesteading type practices that might include permaculture, gardening, biodynamics and so on. We have a heap of amazing people working hard to support people through challenges and editorial style curations and we've been working hard on our marketing game to onboard people through other social media, as the wellness community outside HIVE is huge!

I really hope to see HIVE market itself as a viable alternative to social media, paying people for their content rather than being simply mined for data. I am sick of 'influencer' health content online and would like to see more ordinary people's experiences, returning to the wisdom of 'folk' rather than content that is designed to sell products. Saying that, I'd love to see a wellness marketplace take shape one day - a kind of LOTUS Etsy or Ebay where people can list everything from workshops to tinctures and pay in community tokens.


Hi, I am @castleberry on Hive and my name is Tim Castleberry. I am from Texas but joined the platform 46 moons ago, or back in September 2017, while living in Sweden. I found out about Crypto Currency and BlockChain technology around the same time from one of my YouTube subscribers. I didn't know anything about Markdown or CSS code back then, which was needed in order to post before the editor was added, but felt the opportunity was worth the efforts to learn and grow. I really wanted to add the highest quality content on my blog and contribute to the platform the best I knew how.

I have always been interested in Photography and Art on my blog from the beginning, hence my Bob Ross profile picture. Being an amateur photographer and an artist has been one of the driving forces for my content creation here and some of the most rewarding endeavors in my life. I am a Verified Artist/Member of the On Chain Art Community and a Verified Artist on NFT Showroom. I am a mod and active curator for the Alien Art Hive Community as well as the Photography Lover's Community. I also freelance curate a bit for the Hive Gaming Community and within the OCD Incubation Communities from time to time.

Hive blazing it's own path forward and the communities on the platform gathering together like-minded people and blossoming has been a thing of beauty to behold. Thanks to @derangedvisions and @crazy-andy we have seen the Photography Lover's Community grow and develop magnificently! Thanks to the Awesome Community Members sharing their amazing content we have seen the quality of content there exceed expectations! The Alien Art Hive Community is where most of the NFT SHOWROOM shares their NFT's and artwork. Both the NFT Showroom and the Community are growing quickly.

It's my hope to continue to watch the platform develop while communities grow and user adoption increases. The sky is the limit and it's nice to have the Hive Blockchain to utilize. The future is ours to build together and this Hive community as a whole has been a blessing to many people all over the world! My aspirations are to continue to create and curate the highest quality content across the platform, to foster newer users, and cultivate a culture of prosperity. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better. Thanks to OCD for all they do for the HIVE TRIBE.


Hi Everyone, I’m Travelgirl! I joined the previous blockchain in mid 2017 and have been sharing my travel experiences, reviews and other aspects of my life ever since and continuing doing so on Hive. Over the 3+ years on the blockchain, I have been very fortunate with meeting some of the most amazing people and being involved with various projects and one of these is being part of the OCD team.

I’ve met a few of my Hive friends from this chain offline and believe I will continue to keep in touch with them for many years to come. Apart from the great people we have here, I have been fortunate enough to be involved in a few great projects on the Hive blockchain with one of them being a OCD curator & moderator. It is one of the longest project I’ve been involved in. I was originally a OCD curator for the language team and gradually moving onto curating everything else. There are many great authors on Hive but unfortunately we see so often that their work often get missed or ignored so finding these undervalued posts gives great satisfaction each day where these authors can receive the attention they deserve.

OCD is one the the longest curation project on Hive and I am proud to be part of this big family. Manual curation is not an easy task but we are here to find great articles on Hive every day. I look forward to finding your post in my next search!


I am @adalger and I am a Doctor of Chemistry/Astrochemistry from Germany. I started myjourney in Hive in August 2018. At first, I was skeptical about the concept as I did not use any social media besides e-mail and SMS to that day, but I quickly figured out that Hive had the potential to be something meaningful; a grown-up platform with no place for discrimination or nonsense posts that I see on all the other social media platform out there. So, I gave it a try and it showed to be a great decision. My main interest is Nature and I started my blogging with the Botanical Garden Tours, where I presented another plant every day with added descriptions and explanatory pictures. During my first months, I meet a lot of other nature interested people here and directly befriended with them. Then I had the idea to bring all of them together to strengthen the nature aspect within Hive. With this motivation I started the Amazing Nature Contest where everyone could participate with an entry that shows and explains how amazing the common nature around us can be that is overlooked by so many people most of the time. As soon as the community feature was implemented to Hive I directly founded the Amazing Nature Community and managed it from that day on.

The Amazing Nature Community was and will always be dedicated to all those Hiveans out there that enjoy and love the nature all around us and want to really blog about these topics in a more defined style than just sharing simple pictures. This includes all kind topics from botany, zoology and geography to philosophy. After setting up the community I thought that my ambitious goals were finally implemented, but as it showed later on, this was just the start for more and more projects and the more ambitious goals to bring all nature lovers of Hive together under one roof.

Nowadays the Amazing Nature Community consists of 6 moderators which all offer something different for our community members. We run a weekly contest (@adalger) as well as a challenge with a weekly changing topic (@bucipuci). In addition, we established a curation team that focuses on botany (@redheadpei), zoology (@nelinoeva) and geography (@tinta-tertuang). We also offer weekly Nature News (@juangb) for our members. Within Discord we are located in the DNA Discord which is now also the home of many other nature related communities. From the DNA account the whole moderator teams is additionally curating these posts within the AN community that are especially focusing on showing and explaining the biodiversity of nature around them. At the moment we have around 2400 members and more people are joining us every single day

For me Hive is the unique chance to create a broad and worldwide community of nature interested people that can learn to know each other, people that can form bonds and share their interests with others and far more. As I had absolutely no intention to stop at this level of a community and are constantly working on possibilities that can increasing the experience for all nature lovers of Hive in the best way, even beyond community borders, I brought the DNA project into life (Densifying Nature-Appreciation) with some other nature-lovers out there. Nowadays DNA became the home of nearly all nature related communities in Hive that you already saw in this feature series, such as @melinda010100 with her Feathered Friends Community and @qwerrie with his Fungi Lovers Community. This achievement and the constant tremendous support by all Hiveans that we received so far makes me super proud! Within the DNA project we are trying to support all nature interested Hiveans about the mechanics of Hive and try to create real bonds between all the members. DNA is now also running a cross-community curation system too that focuses on biodiversity posts within all nature related communities. At the moment we are also working on setting up other cross-community projects like the Species Hunt, an absolutely great idea from @medro-martin. Each nature project is welcome with us and we will give our best to realize them for you! Right now, At the moment I am working on the implementation of a Nature Coin that can be also used within the other nature associated communities one day.


I am @macchiata on Hive, and I am 23 years old I like to mention my age, so I don't feel old. Mac is how I am usually called around here. I have been around the chain since July 2017. I got involved in numerous projects in the previous chain; some remembered, some forgotten. But OCD has been the longest project I've been involved in. I started my curation journey by being a language curator for OCD international community around late 2017. I have been very lucky to meet and learn from amazing people in the chain and the OCD team. Before I got into OCD main curation, I mainly curated OCD international content for the Indonesian language back in 2017. Then, after the compilation is discontinued, I am curating the main compilation. Now, I am in the main curator team for OCD, a moderator, and manage some communities.

As a curator, I love to discover undervalued authors from different niches as I have a wide range of interests. I mainly curate literature, technology, especially open source, slices of life, culture, pop-culture, food, tutorial, life hacks, and coffee. Besides being a curator in OCD, I am also creator of Hive Book Club, a little corner in this chain for bibliophiles. I am also actively moderating and curating in the Movies & TV series alongside @namiks & @jcrodriguez occasionally, Hive pets too. So, I am always actively looking for posts in that community plus the interest above.

Hive book club started a year ago, and it was previously a self-improvement community. When the community feature launched, I wanted to create a space where I can share and meet others who are into self-improvement. But, I shifted sometime in late 2020 into a book community, something within my studies and my passion. So, I created something that hasn't been available on Hive- A book club. Hive book club is now on 368 subscribers that I hope to continue to grow. I am very thankful for OCD support and also @jauregui98, who has helped me moderate the community.

I think Hive is an ideal environment for people to learn more about blockchain. Cryptocurrency is often synonymous with finance, money, and trading. But Hive offers an alternative for people to see that blockchain is not just about the currency. It can have another use case that can transform the way people interact and take control of their information. I have heard people say, " At least we should get something from selling our data involuntarily to big tech,." and I often tell them, " go check hive". The concept is still mindboggling for most of them, but I hope Hive will eventually get to the surface and disco discovered by more people. Hive is where I learn about decentralization and how it can be applied to manage teams and projects. Even after 3+ years, I am here; there is so much more knowledge that awaits to discover.Those are some of the reasons I am staying in this ecosystem. And I hope people see it that way too. As for Hive book club, I wish it can provide a space for people to find book recommendations, a bibliophile to connect with another bibliophile, and authors to find their readers. Eventually, becoming a mini virtual library that exists within this chain where readers, reviewers & visitors get rewarded for their contribution and engagement.

lastly, OCD has been highlighting and discovering undervalued authors for almost four years now. And I hope it will continue with more fresh ideas and initiatives to curate fresh & unique content and authors in the Hive Blockchain.

Check out the previous issue :


This concludes today’s edition of the Meet OCD curators and community leaders. We would like to thank the curators & community featured leaders here for their dedication and time finding undervalued authors.

We hope you were able to learn something new about the people behind OCD. Stay Tuned for another issue of Meet OCD's Curators and Community Leaders

The OCD team would also like to thank those that strive to make a difference. As anyone can create a post but only some can create/build value.

Stop by tomorrow for another edition of Meet OCD Curators and Authors!

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@castleberry, @adalger, @macchiata, @travelgirl - its a pleasure for me to know you better.


 3 years ago  

Thanks! It was nice to read more about you too! Thanks for getting the Fungi Lover's community going. Looking forward to getting back to Sweden so i can get some great shots to share there!

my pleasure!

back to Sweden so i can get some great shots to share there!

I have heard that Texas has the rarest mushroom in the world!
named 'devil's sigar', like this:


also, once I've stumbled this man's photo archive -
he has tremendows lot of mushrooms ... including ones from Texas!
so, I do know you have them around xD

 3 years ago  

I will have to get out more and look around! That one looks super cool. After checking out that site... it looks like we have a lot more here than i realized!



I dont push you ofc, but would be intrested to see what you've got there. always welcome, you know!


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

A well done writeup @macchiata, I enjoy many of your blog posts as well.

Boy-oh-boy... @riverflows... you sure are the busy bee here on the platform. We're going to have to reward you better for the work you do here!!! Thank you also for your encouragement over in the @naturalmedicine community, where I love dropping posts into.

Thanks lovely! I do my best 💚😘

Thanks ! love to see your post in rant and talk community as well :D

Thank you, too...😎

Loving getting to know my fellow curators more!

Oh! Time flies, it is already at #4. I've never been able to read the first one, but I will. It's great to know that @adalger is a Chemist, I am impressed (^_^).

Hehe ^^ thanks @afterglow! .. One day inthe future I will alsopresent my PhD thesis to you all if I find some time :)

That's great! Thank you in advance (sharing your Ph.D. thesis to us)

I love reading these introductions!

How nice meeting our curators and reading their stories, just awesome!

Excellent team of people from different parts of the world who work hard to make Hive grow.

All of them are beautiful people who try. It is a pleasure to know them.👋

 3 years ago  

I will always be grateful to @castleberry for supporting me in my forgotten community and having his art present, as well as being someone quite funny. It's good to be surrounded by people who are so good at what they do. Long live @macchiata! I remembered when we all joined the jukebox to listen to a marathon of High School Musical songs, that night was great hahaha. I hope that when you get your new pc, you will be able to play some co-op games.

hahahaha we should do that again! I can't wait to have my PC finally assembled so we can finally play some co-op games :D

 3 years ago  

I am sure you will get that ball rolling again eventually! Love ya buddy. Thanks for all the hard work you put in.

 3 years ago  

Thanks Mac for all you do! This has been a great series and an awesome opportunity to get to know a bit more about everyone.

I really loved to read this post and knowing the OCD team. All of you are performing a great job. Thanks a lot for supporting our content.
I had not the opportunity to thanks the Ocd team for every of my post they have voted but now I have it.
Thank you , thank you , thank you.

I am really amazed by all of you who have inspired many people, even though at this time I am still below but I will fight my hardest to get the best results ..

It has been fun compiling these posts and getting to know my fellow curators 😀

Thanks for doing it... we have all LOVED getting to know each other more!

Awesome group of people and it's magnificent a fellow Aussie makes it to the list with @riverflows congrats!

Great characters of the platform. Greetings.

Thank you very much for this great introduction series @macchiata 😁 .. It is so great to get to know you all better @riverflows @castleberry @travelgirl 👍

Hopefully, there will be another one soon. Still waiting for more replies 😃😅

There are still some people missing, hehe .. Would be awesometo have all of them introduced 😋

 3 years ago  

Thanks @adalger I feel like OCD has got the dream team of community leaders and curators! I am thankful to be counted among them.

It's great to meet @riverflows @castleberry, @adalger, @macchiata, @travelgirl - it's good to know who's curating various content Kr Ben & Annabelle

 3 years ago  

Thanks Ben and Annabelle! I appreciate that you took the time to get to know us by reading the post and commenting!

You're very welcome.

Espero seguir publicando post que sean de su agrado e interes, la medicina natural es muy buena. hare lo posible por darles recetas caseras de remedios esta comunidad es muy buena. son como una familia