OCD Communities Incubation Program - Update #4

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Hey everyone! Team OCD here with an update on the Community Incubation Program. In our last post, we added 3 new communities and they've already started sharing posts in our discord for some extra curation and we also see some growth with respect to subscriber counts and engagement overall. Our aim is to support communities, help them grow and allow users posting on genre specific topics find the right community spaces to interact with like-minded individuals, and gain through the focused curation done by community leaders.

If you've started new and unique genre-specific community that has the potential to raise a lot of activity and doesn't exist yet, feel free to apply for our incubation program - either by writing in the comment section or contacting us on our Discord in the community-incubation channel. You can get more info about the program here.

Without further wait, below we give you details on the subscriber growth as well as the new communities who've joined us...

All communities welcomed new users, and it's good to see people on hive exploring different topics and contributing to interesting conversations. Alien Art Hive and Stem Social crossed the 1k subs count. In terms of engagement, communities like Have You Been Here, Feathered Friends and Make Up Power registered over 1k interactions. Hive Gaming and On Chain Art continue to be popular and generated a lot of interaction and engagement. What is the one new community you subscribed to recently? - we'd love to know in comments.

Communities that we were supporting and got in touch with us recently:

New additions:

We'd like to welcome 1 new community into the program!

Sports has always been a popular topic of discussion around the world, and whether you like to watch sports, play or just talk about your favorite sportsperson, Sports Talk Social is the ideal place to be.

We're still waiting on some communities to give their info. The communities listed below can join our Discord to get in touch with us for onboarding into the program!

  • dSound
  • Foodies Bee Hive

We're looking forward to adding more communities focusing on different subjects to our incubation program, and helping them grow with curation/delegations.

These posts aim to highlight the communities as well as their curation accounts that post the curation reports, and if you find a community interesting, do feel free to have a look around/subscribe.

The community moderators/curators are doing a fabulous job onboarding and helping new users as well as highlighting great content for curation. It's important that users find the right communities and subscribe to those that interest them. Thanks for reading!

We would appreciate it if you want to delegate to @ocdb and earn some daily returns with a low fee which can be tracked on our website and vote for our witness if you appreciate what we're doing on Hive.

Have you stumbled upon some new communities that are unique to the ones above and would like to see them get supported? Feel free to mention them here in the comments or join us on Discord and talk about it there in the #community-incubation channel! Please note that this is only for unique niches/genres of communities, nothing "general original content" or country/language based.


Thanks for all your curation support for #FeatheredFriends!
The #Shadowhunters Community is even more active and the subscribers there would really appreciate some support!
The newest Community that I have joined is The Ladies of Hive. I predict it will grow rapidly!

It's great to see more communities coming on board and the diversity of genres on Hive! Something for everyone!

Thank you for adding Sports. This is going to help the sports community immensely.

Great news! And love seeing the evolution of the communities :)

Greetings friend @ocd !!! I find the incubation program an excellent initiative, it is very good that we group by topics of interest and join new communities to explore in hive, I recently joined and interacted with Foodies Bee Hive and ecotrain ... I love to cook and try to make my contribution from those communities ... at the beginning it is difficult to adapt to the changes and various hivers as in my case that I normally publish in #ocd, it is a bit difficult for us to make the leap to other communities, you can really feel the air of change in hive, I hope this program succeeds to further order the theme and the ease of exploration in this community. .... successes!

 7 months ago 

I recently subscribed to the ''Programming'' Community (of course), which is for all kinds of coding and development related posts (not only Hive dev projects), and to the ''Self Improvement.'' Community.

I'm glad to see more communities supported by you and I'd like to say a special thanks for selecting them based on quality. You have a big role in forming and shaping things and I'm glad low quality content communities are not supported.

Many communities growing well and have great content creators! Long live HIVE

Great to see how much Hive Gaming grew after the big contest, On Chain Art seems to be doing really well as well. We have some plans to run some more contests in the near future for smaller communities that could use a boost and some limelight to get people to check them out and more eyes on them.

Delegations to communities updated. 😄


Excellent work they do, this will allow communities to be further strengthened.

great to see communities growing! Is there any chance that the #LoveTheClouds community could make the list one day? (I guess it might be too close to the photography or amazing nature community)

great job in getting communities started and helping them grow you guys!

I have this idea that I'm thinking about writing a post on. There must be some way to relate communities to each other so that related content is easier to discover. I'm calling it "community hubs". loosely connected (but not closed off) areas on a map, so to speak.

A graphic representation: As you can see, communities such as clean planet, outdoors and Eco Zone are close together in the Planet hub. however, there are also communities that don't want to fall within a category like shadow hunters, man cave or team UK. (these are only examples)

Does something like this exist?

Is there a way to relate communities to other communities?

Hive community hubs idea3.png

This is a good thing because now people can share all their activities into the community that has been determined, with the many developments in the OCD community this is amazing.

that's a nice list of communities!