OCD Communities Incubation Program - Update #6

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Hey all! Time for another update on our ongoing Community Incubation Program from Team OCD. In our last post, we added 3 new communities to our list and we also saw some interesting stats with respect to subscriber growth and cumulative SP subscription in the communities we're currently supporting. Next month we also plan to add some metrics around activity. So far we've seen good results with the Community Incubation Program and hopefully when there's a influx of new users they'll find it easier to find and interact with the right community spaces. Community leaders/moderators continue to highlight posts in our discord for some added curation, and we notice some growth with respect to subscriber count and engagement in these communities. We also hope to conduct some contests in future to further boost engagement in smaller communities and give them added visibility.

Our aim is to support communities, help them grow and allow users posting on genre specific topics find the right community spaces to interact with like-minded individuals, and gain through the focused curation done by community leaders.

If you've started new and unique genre-specific community that has the potential to raise a lot of activity and doesn't exist yet, feel free to apply for our incubation program - either by writing in the comment section or contacting us on our Discord in the community-incubation channel. You can get more info about the program here.

Without further wait, below we give you details on the subscriber growth of the communities...

Most communities are growing well and people are certainly checking them out as they explore diverse topics and contribute to interesting conversations across hive. Even the newer additions to our program saw some subscriber growth. In terms of engagement, communities like Photography Lovers, Feathered Friends, Hive Gaming, Have You Been Here and On Chain Art registered over 1k interactions. Gaming, Photography and Art are popular topics that generate a lot of interaction and engagement. ecoTrain crossed the 1k subs count. Some communities including Amazing Nature had 200+ active users as well, which is always a good sign. What is the one new community you subscribed to recently? - we'd love to know in comments.

Communities that we were supporting and got in touch with us recently:

We're still waiting on some communities to give their info. The communities listed below can join our Discord to get in touch with us for onboarding into the program!

  • dSound

We're looking forward to adding more communities focusing on different subjects to our incubation program, and helping them grow with curation/delegations.

These posts aim to highlight the communities as well as their curation accounts that post the curation reports, and if you find a community interesting, do feel free to have a look around/subscribe. They'd be happy to welcome/guide you.

The community moderators/curators are doing a great job trying to onboard and help new users as well as highlighting great content for curation. With our Community Incubation, we want to reward the content creators as well as curators. It's important that users find the right communities and subscribe to those that interest them, which keeps them active and engaged. Thanks for reading!

We would appreciate it if you want to delegate to @ocdb and earn some daily returns with a low fee which can be tracked on our website and vote for our witness if you appreciate what we're doing on Hive.

Have you stumbled upon some new communities that are unique to the ones above and would like to see them get supported? Feel free to mention them here in the comments or join us on Discord and talk about it there in the #community-incubation channel! Please note that this is only for unique niches/genres of communities, nothing "general original content" or country/language based.


It's nice to see the slow growth of The Anime Realm. I know it's not a hugely popular topic around here, but I've been seeing slightly more content about Anime and Manga since I started the Community, so I'll call it a success. ^_^

I didn't realise dsound is still going? Have they contacted you?

Also, @uwelang, don't know if you applied for this with the Music community you run as well?

We're trying not to add too many similar communities, after dsound didn't respond we went with Hive Open Mic.

Fair enough. I was a mod in dsound community a long time ago but it went quiet from them after the whole steemit delegation went, then they said they'd have more communication of progress and development but it's been a bit "tumbleweedy" the last 18 months which is a shame but que sera sera!

Do you have any reason for that? And what is the merit and demerit of adding too many similar communities? I will like to learn, thanks

We don't have unlimited voting power to push most posts to a reasonable reward or at least past the curve tax.

Not officially - I was only asking by commenting ages ago but the music-community will change a bit, we created a logo, a voting bot I delegated a bit and more activities to follow by @ylich and myself with our small stake. As I mentioned often we have too many music communities - i do not want to be the one to say which one is the one to unite all - sure Hive open Mic is a wise decision by @acidyo. Any support of course will be appreciated. For now we will just try to simply motivate the members of our community a little bit more also by an official account - hence a team is probably required for that moving forward. More on that soon.

Yeah there are a lot of little subsets of music communities but would be good if the similar ones can combine forces, especially if it's a general music community. I know Open Mic is different and more for acoustic performance (guitar and microphone) which rules me out of it - at least that's my impression of it.

There are still niches in music though and it would be cool to have different branches organised by one leading group to make it look more professional. E.g. Maybe there can be an Electronic music version of Open Mic (I think @daltono runs that community?) and it's part of the branding...

Don't know, just throwing ideas out there and seeing if great minds can come together to make something work!

HiveHustlers growth has stagnated a bit due to a lot of people focusing on real life obligations + other things, however, we are working on kickstarting things again and will be pushing out new content here very shortly :)

Happy to be a part of this incubator program!

Thank you so much for supporting our Hive Open Mic community. Your upvotes have been tremendously valuable as a way to reward participants in our weekly #openmic event. Grateful to have the backing of our big brother: @ocd.

For anyone new to Hive Open Mic, I invite you to join in and enjoy a celebration of live music!

Thank you for joining in and enjoying Hive Open Mic

Still have not looked into each community, but seems so cool and I love how active hivers really are

Always big thanks for all supporters on HIVE!

So many communities with great topic :)

Glad that Foodies Bee Hive will be supporting by team OCD in this ongoing Community Incubation Program. With my point of view, I think this incubation program will be a great development and growth of each newly renovated community.

Very good initiative, your work always inspires me to do good work. Hopefully your efforts will go much further.May God bless you and may his blessings always be with you.😊🙏❤️