Learn from everyone because no one knows everything, but everyone knows something.

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(My father is my inspiration)

After a long recess, I have again started my writing. I was a bit disturbed by my 90 years old father. Vaccination is yet not available here, and I was busy collecting vaccines for my father.

Now I successfully arranged a vaccine for my father. I again started my journey with this beautiful #ocd community.

Last few months, I have gone through several experiences. I never regret anything because I believe that every situation helps us to increase our knowledge.

We must learn from everyone because no one knows everything, but everyone knows something.

At 58 years, I am still learning from different situations. Good experience gives us pleasure, and bad experience gives us knowledge.


(Mountain teach us to stand straight in every situation)

Friends several times, we see that people utilize our faith for their benefits and forget after achieving their desires, they disregard us.

We feel disheartened, but it helps us to gain knowledge. We realized that we must not believe those people who come to our life to fulfill self benefits.

Those who love to believe, God periodically save them from every difficulty because trusting someone is a virtue but breaking trust is a transgression.

Often misunderstanding is created when people remold words in their way and represent them according to their benefits.
Before accepting anything, we must judge everything with experience and intelligence.


(Do your duty honestly and forget about the result)

If someone says,' Eagle grabbed our ears and ran away.' Before running behind the eagle, we must touch our ears and establish authenticity.

I have gone through many circumstances in my entire life. I will try to share my different experiences and thoughts with you all. I believe my dear friends in this community will support my content and share their comments.

Because sharing is caring, maybe we didn't know each other physically. We can be close with each other by sharing our views and thoughts that can help us to close by mentally. That's all for now, my friends. Stay blessed and safe


Yes, I agree with you we must learn from others and of cause no man is an Island. I hope dad gets better with the vaccines, and welcome back to OCD community as well @pulook

Thank you for your visit and lovely comment, stay safe @etiboy56

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