A Gentle Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

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Have you been hearing of Artificial Intelligence #AI and you’re wondering what does it really mean? Do you think it’s possible for machines to exhibit human-level intelligence? Can we train a computer to perform human-level tasks? Ponder on those questions as I walk you through what AI is. If you watch science fiction movies a lot, you would have been familiar with robots moving, talking and behaving exactly like a human, some even have more abilities than human. This tells us that the concept of intelligence machines is not new.
sci-fi ai
Think about it, what are those things you think it’s hard for you but machines/computers found them very easy? Just a simple one, without using any machine, can you find the square root of 3? For me it’s a NO, I need to go get my four-figure table and that’ll take some minutes for me to figure out. Now imagine you’re asked to calculate the average of thousands of students, it will take you a lot of time without a calculator. What might take you a day, month, year or even a century, a computer can solve it in a twinkle of an eye. These things are hard for human but very easy for computers.

On the other way round, what are those things you think it’s easy for you but machines/computers found them very hard if not impossible? Take for example the image below, can you tell what’s happening?
family cooking
If you thought of anything relating to “family cooking food”, then you are absolutely right.

This task is easy for you because you are intelligent, there are a man, a woman and two kids (you could say they are family), there are vegetables, knife, tomatoes (you could say they are preparing food). But this task is very difficult for a non-AI machine. It can say exactly what’s in the picture or what’s happening there.

All that being said, what exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

According to Wikipedia, Artificial Intelligence is intelligent behaviour by machines, rather than natural or organic intelligence of humans or other animals. (…) Any device or algorithm that perceives its environment and takes action that maximizes its chance of success at some goal. Source (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_intelligence).

Simply put, Artificial Intelligence is about building machines that do things that require human understanding and intelligence.

Over the past few years, a lot of companies started employing AI in their businesses to optimize all sorts of processes, such as customer targeting, optimal pricing, products recommendation and lots more. Industries use its vast potentials to make their efforts faster, more efficient and more profitable than ever before. Just so you know, Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and it is gradually changing our lives. Think of speech recognition, virtual assistant, self-driving cars, face recognition etc, it is clear that #ArtificialIntelligence is steadily becoming a critical and integral part for humans. That will be all for now, next, we’ll be discussing AI and its components. Looking forward to your support. Thank you.


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