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RE: OCD Community Incubation Program Finalized

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I've dropped a shout at the discord channel, but let me develop the request here a bit more. I look at the Hive from the same point of view, the place will benefit greatly if the content will go to the dedicated communities instead of better-curating-groups (which is simply unreadable & waste). Encouraging hiveans to do blogs in dedicated groups is a good, right thing to do, and some delegation for better curating surely would be a help. I apply my modest efforts to the

Fungi lovers (mushrooms & us) group

Started growing its power 4 months ago, delegated myself to its account, and curate every post / x-post to the group. With OCD support ofc it would be a more pleasurable and efficient thing.

Here is some stats: it is 203 subscribers, 48 active users, 62 pending payouts at the moment. Sort of an intro post is here, and an ad post here.. There was not too much of a feedback in comments, but the subject is quite popular, the number of participants and activity are organically growing.

If I may speak for others, please consider supporting, among others, two important groups:
AmazingNature developed by @adalger, and
Kidz community run by @steemean

So.. Thanks in advance!


Thank you so much @qwerrie for promoting the Kidz Community.


Thank you @qwerrie for adding the Amazing Nature community here in your comment ^^