[ UNIQUE PAINTING ] Little girl's work

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Looking at the picture above, at a glance we will see graffiti and ordinary pictures, but it is quite unique and very meaningful. Because it is made by a small child.
So with very early hands drawing and painting like that is a wonderful thing.
That picture is one of my sister's works.
He drew it very carefully and meaningfully.


** "Love and affection goes to the family"**

That is the meaning of the writing above, meaning that he is not just drawing in this case, but there is a meaning and content that he wants to tell all who see this picture.
It seems very simple and very often people underestimate it.
But for me it is quite unique and beautiful.

He paints with a tool that I don't know, but for sure he colors it well and in bold with a marker for the right parts.

Painting is indeed an art that is very popular with many people, and this art is a work that is always expensive and appreciated.
There are so many respected painters or drawings out there.
For this image, it's still the beginning to keep trying to become a professional painter, of course.

Whatever becomes a masterpiece.
Still will be beautiful and full of meaning.
Take care of your family and art.



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