Resort Vacation in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

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There are a couple of destinations that I've been dying to visit in Vietnam and Phu Quoc island is one of them. After I've waited for two years visiting there I decided this is the perfect time to visit Phu Quoc because crypto is on the bull market, and also it's right before the monsoon season. Fyi, here in Vietnam, there are almost 0 Covid new cases and almost no restrictions on daily life or travel.

This was my second time visiting a domestic airport since Covid. Most of the people were wearing masks at the airport, however, I've noticed nobody was wearing masks at the resort I stayed. Traveling without a mask felt amazing... I really wish the day people can live without masks on comes soon :(


The resort I chose this time it's called Salinda. They had airport pick up & drop off services so it wasn't difficult to find my driver at the airport. As soon as we arrived they brought us a welcome drink. It was four types of healthy tea and it tastes great.


Here's our room for 4 days!!! Isn't it beautiful?





Our room is even more beautiful!! It was a separate villa and had this really cute patio. It was great to have them for dry our bathing suits since we swam every single day, and have a cup of tea or coffee.





Wake up every morning with this view was lovely. I wish I could go back there right now :(


The view is enchanting and the room is very elegant and comfortable. On the other hand, what a joy that there is no more covid chaos and restrictions, little by little we will return to normality in the whole world.

Wow, Phu Quoc is one of the most coastal landscapes in Vietnam.
This place is famous for beautiful sandy beaches.

I love all the places in Vietnam but Phu Quoc was exceptionally amazing!! I wish I could live there 😍

Such a lovely resort!! Phu Quoc is my favourite place in Vietnam. Hope you enjoy the vacation ❤️

I think Phu Quoc became my favourite place in Vietnam as well!!! So beautiful 😍 Hope you have lovely holidays!

What a beautiful place congratulations

Thank you!! 😁

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Looking at that wants me to pack my bags and get on the next flight....well we got to keep dreaming there is going no where at the moment with this damn virus 😣