What do you think the mind is?

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For many centuries of research, Modern Science has been able to determine that the mind has no - specific location, shape, form, color, or any other tangible quality we can ascribe to other basic human body aspects.

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Buddhists and modern scientists agree that having a mind is what sets all sentient, or conscious, beings apart from other organisms such as grass or tree - and, undoubtedly, from things whose nature is inanimate. The mind, in essence, is the most important aspect of all creatures that share the attribute of being sentient.

It is known that "When we look at our mind, it's like trying to see the back of our head without the aid of a mirror."

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However, Do you think the mind is inside the body or beyond it? Does it start somewhere, exist somewhere, and stop somewhere? Does it have a shape or a color? Does it even exist at all, or is it just the random activity of brain cells that have, over time, accumulated the force of habit?

If you look at brain from the perspective of a neuroscientist, then you see that all is in the brain. There are brain surgeries performed on wake patients, when they play e.g. violin. Surgeons suppress or excite some parts of brain and see: Ouch, he stopped feeling his left leg!

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Ups Shipping, now he can't hear us! Oh, now he lost his consciousness! or start to play his violin badly, without noticing it! That way they can figure out where they can cut your brain without significantly damaging you! So, neuroscientist will tell: everything is in the brain!

But is this the ultimate truth about the mind itself? Can you rule out a possibility that your brain is just a kind of an interface to your body and mind is some sort of composition of your brain which holds memories, connection to all the senses of your body and something that we can't grasp yet, but we feel that it is there: the big "I"?

BTW: neuroscientist by manipating your brain, can make you feel consciousness, but without feeling you own identity, your ego. Because it seems that it is just another part of brain that is responsible for that you are feeling yourself like I, bun not for instance like whole universe. Some people use LSD for pursuing this feeling.

So, let's assume 1 chemical molecule can feel 0 then trillion molecules can feel more than 0? 0 + ... + 0 = 0. No matter how many 0's is there? A desert consist of trillions of molecules as well. Can it feel? Will an android ever be able to feel like humans do? Something doesn't add up there, does it?

Look at the deeper insights of the question about mind. It is one of fundamental question in physics(and philosophy), about determinism.

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If mind is just a brain, then we can talk about deterministic nature of time and space, and actually we do not have any choice. In our whole life we do not really make any decision. It is just chemistry. Free will is just an illusion! So, why do we have reward or justice systems? Why do punish people or reward? In such a case, it does not make any sense! Right?

Or, we have choice? We have free will, and our lives are not already have been written among laws of nature and the universe itself. We can act on our own will, we have control of our future.

Or you rather think that this is just an illusion developed in the process of evolution, for brain so it can "act"/"perform" optimally in case of danger?


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