The most beautiful memories of yesterday, a very memorable party and a very beautiful hometown

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Hello All Of My HIVE Friends

Peace be upon you, and GOD mercy and blessings.

All friends wherever you are, I hope you are always healthy and can carry out all activities smoothly and successfully. See you again on this beautiful and happy day in my post this time about my very important activity yesterday.


Yesterday was also a tiring day for me where I returned from my hometown in North Aceh to where I live now, namely in the city of Bireuen, precisely in Blang bladeh, Jeumpa district, Bireuen district so I prepared the trip around 11 am and was ready for me to leave following home This is a photo of the preparation in the car and so on


After all the preparations were finished, my family and children and wife immediately stepped on the gas to go home, I needed to go home a little faster, as for the time being in a hurry because in the middle of the trip I had to attend a party of my friends who were around Simpang other or Kampung Paloh Pepper, so on the way I already had plans to attend the party last month on the day I returned to BIREUEN, here's a photo of me stopping at the concept party.


Thank God, when I arrived at the party, I was directed by the guest interpreter who happened to be a student of the student rather than his friend because we were friends when we were both studying at Dayah Mudi Mesra Samalanga Bireuen from 2006 to 2016 I studied there from I was very familiar with my friend who carried out the party so I was directed to eat at a special table the VIP table is a table for teachers and special guests like the photo that my friend saw in this post


Everyone can see our closeness in the photos in this post because they are all my best friends or my close friends when studying at Dayah Mudi, the intimate Samalanga, we have all known each other for a long time. For 10 years, we studied together. For the alumni, this is a very valuable opportunity that almost forgot the time, which is up to 3 hours we sat there.


Alhamdulillah after everything is done. After eating, I had time to sit with my other friends who also attended the party which they were also aluminum for Dayah Mudi and after everything was finished finally because I had to go back to Birin I asked my friend to say goodbye to him immediately I went home because I still had a long way to go until I got to BIREUEN and also planned that tonight I will return to carry out the recitation as usual so I have to go home, which is around 3 pm or 15 am I go back to Birin and arrive at BIREUEN at around 3 pm 17.30.


That's my post on this occasion. I hope that what I have written and posted here can all be useful for all of us and become reading material and material for consideration and evaluation for all of us.

Thank you very much and the highest thanks to all friends who have visited, read, shared, provided comments / criticisms / suggestions, and gave an assessment of my writing.

I want to thank @ocdb as a admin in this OCD the wonderful community. I really love to join here .
And I also thanks to all of my friends who are willing to visit and read my posts. Your attention and support means a lot to me.

Thank you very much to all friends who support each other on the HIVE social media platform that we love. I hope we will continue to grow together, help each other help each other maintain mutual respect and progress and succeed together.

That's my post on this occasion. I hope that what I have written and posted here can all be useful for all of us and become reading material and consideration for all of us.

See you again on another occasion in the next post.

Good Luck Tgk @rijalaronaceh


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