Virus Theory Vs. Exosome Theory: What If The Basis For Modern Medicine Is Wrong...?

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Us humans often like to think we're at the pinnacle of civilization and could do no wrong; that our science is flawless, our belief systems infallible, and all that we rely on unsusceptible to being proven wrong.

Yet, what if some of the foundations of our worldviews and scientific understandings are still wrong to this day?


Only a few hundred years ago, people thought the earth was flat. Then we found out it wasn't.

For quite a while, Newtonian physics was the basis of much modern science. Then along came quantum physics and put certain aspects of it to death.

Less than a century ago, the guy who created the lobotomy was awarded a Nobel prize for the breakthrough it seemed to be at the time. Today, we look back in horror at such a practice.

What of our current science may be as fundamentally-flawed as these previous incarnations of scientific and medical theory & practice?

Could it be that we have still had a large amount of our modern science & medicine based in faulty premises whose "proof" have in some way or another been distorted & flawed?

And as we've been undergoing a huge global challenge with the coronavirus, could it be possible that the entire germ/virus theory as we've come to believe in itself is inherently flawed?

As more experts are talking about exosome theory and terrain theory, might we be on the verge of another catalystic turning point in the history of science and medicine, similar to that of quantum physics' turning the Newtonian model on its head?

Screen Shot 20200511 at 4.36.24 PM.png

Most of us have taken what we've been told from scientists as truth, such that we've barely even questioned they could be wrong.

Yet, how much do they actually even know, versus what they think they know?

Example: did you know that even scientists can't seem to agree whether viruses are alive or not?

That one was a shocker to me.

I'd always assumed - based on something I'd commonly heard in regards to biology, that viruses were alive. It seemed a given. Though... nope.

So here we have international networks of scientists that aren't even able to conclude something as simple as whether a virus is a living thing... and how are we supposed to trust that the rest of their conclusions on the nature of viruses is 100% correct?

Well, we'd think that with millions of scientists and biologists working full-time studying viruses for decades, they'd know their shit by now. *But what if the accuracy of our collective knowledge on the subject is only correct from one perspective - with entirely different dimensions of truth equally, if not more, accurate from another perspective not common in the mainstream mindset?


This whole debate of germ/virus theory is a fascinating one.

No, this isn't just some crazy conspiracy theory that popped up in response to the coronavirus fiasco. Rather, there have been a significant number of doctors and scientists who've been questioning this all for a while...

“Medical doctors are working on the germ theory of disease... But the germ theory is already weakening and is due for being thrown aside. Dr. Fraser of Canada and Dr. Powell of California have experimented with billions of germs of all varieties, but they have been unable to produce a single disease by the introduction of germs into human subjects. Dr. Waite tried for years to prove the germ theory, but he could not do so. During the World War an experiment was conducted at Gallop's Island Massachusetts, in which millions of influenza germs were injected into over one hundred men at the Government hospital, and no one got the flu. Germs are scavengers.” -- Principles and Practice of Naturopathy. E.W. Cordingley, M.D.., N.D.,A.M.

“... Viruses are simply the excretions of a toxic cell. Viruses are pieces of DNA or RNA, with a few other proteins. They butt out from the cell. They happen when the cell is poisoned. They are not the cause of anything.” - Thomas Cowan MD on Rudolf Steiner's insights.

“The entire fabric of the germ theory of disease rests upon assumptions which not only have not been proved, but which are incapable of proof, and many of them can be proved to be the reverse of truth. The basic one of the unproven assumptions, wholly due to Pasteur, is the hypothesis that all the so-called infections and contagious disorders are caused by germs.” - M.L. Leverson, M.D

“We said before that so-called “germs” are ubiquitous. They are ever present, in many varying forms in both healthy and sick people. These microbes kick into what modern scientists call ‘pathogens’, when the media is toxic and conducive to clean up. When you enter into a healing crisis, and your body is throwing off toxins, these “germs” appear out of your very substance, to help eliminate, process and break down these toxins. Germs have absolutely no causal relationship to disease. But germs do appear to help you clean out, because put quite simply, your disease is your cure!” – Dr. William P. Trebing – Good-Bye Germ Theory

“If the Germ Theory were true, no one would be alive to believe it.” BJ Palmer, D.C.

"You’re working under a wrong premise to begin with and you’re never going to find the
answer if you do that. Viruses have no nucleus. There’s no respiratory system. There’s no circulatory system. There’s no digestive system. Viruses are not alive. That’s like saying soap is alive. They’re not alive. They are solvents. They are soaps. However, more accurately, they are enzymes to fractionate tissue for waste elimination." - Aajonus Vonderplanitz

“In all that I have witnessed inside and outside of laboratories, there is only one cause of disease: Industrial pollution in medication, food, air, soil and water. Strengthening a body’s constitution and lymphatic system is the first step to reversing/curing disease" - Aajonus Vonderplantiz.

"We must infer that at least some and probably all three of those Russian peasants died because of Pasteur’s vaccine, as did uncounted people later on....Only one thing is sure: ever since Pasteur developed his "vaccine," the cases of death from rabies have increased, not diminished." - Hans Ruesch

"Had it not been for the mass selling of vaccines, Pasteur's germ theory of disease would have collapsed into obscurity." --- E. Douglas Hume

“In 1915, another medical doctor wrote an article for the top British medical journal Lancet. Dr. Montais studied 21 cases of tetanus, each of whom had received Pasteurian inoculation. The conclusion of the article, which appeared in the 23 Oct 1915 issue, was that in every case, the tetanus had been caused by the inoculation. Dr. Montais said that "Pasteur had created a new form of disease." -- The Post-Antibiotic Age: Germ Theory by Tim O'Shea

“We agree with those members of the profession who hold that no germ causes tuberculosis. Germs do not cause any disease. Further, we agree that there is more harm in the fear of germs than there is in the germs themselves.” -- Timely Truths on Human Health - Simon Louis Katzoff, M.D. 1921

“Three criteria are, according to the scientific method needed to properly identify a virus. It must be isolated from a host cell. As of 2016 this has never been accomplished in humans. It must be photographed and it’s diameter measured. As of 2016 this has never been accomplished in humans. It must be biochemically characterized. As of 2016 this has never been accomplished in humans. This has never been done with any virus (herpes, hepatitis, h1n1, bird flu, swine flu, influenza, polio, measles) let alone HIV, HPV, SARS, Zika or Ebola.”- Viruses. How Much is that Dogma in the Window? – New Medicine Online

“What is it that they see under an electron microscope? Since a virus has never been visualized under an electron microscope a methodology had to be devised in order to “extract” substances which were supposedly the result of viral activity. Let’s use the example of Polio which was supposedly the first virus identified and then photographed under an electron microscope. What we are shown are in fact “artificial particles” which involves the complex process of suctioning an indifferent mass through a very fine filter into a vacuum which is then photographed. It is not something that is actually seen in the blood or in a tissue sample! This form of research is highly contaminated and yet it is accepted and published in the scientific community. The question is why? Is there an agenda?” – gnmonlineseminars

"Any kind of flu is the same thing. When the climate and temperature are right, certain tissues will cleanse. They may have a 7-years cycle. They may have a 6-months cycle. It depends upon the tissue and how contaminated it is. If certain tissue needs to cleanse every two years, our bodies will create, if waste tissue is too toxic for mircrobes, our bodies will create a solvent (a virus) that fractionates and cleanses that particular tissue every two years, every 6 months, every 3 months, every 7 years, every 12 years, depending upon that tissue and how contaminated it is. The myth that herpes is contagious is pharmaceutical industry fiction to scare you into taking medication." - Aajonus Vonderplanitz

"What’s happening is, like I said, we have colds, which are mainly bacterial, which go feed on toxic tissue that’s been damaged – we don’t eat well enough, we don’t eat all raw and therefore we accumulate toxicity. So bacteria have to come in and eat that waste product because we can’t keep up with all the waste. OK. So that’s what a cold is. Flu is mainly viral. Some bacteria may be active during flu. Some areas of our bodies may not be so contaminated that bacteria - the natural way that we cleanse with bacteria when we’re overloaded with toxicity or waste products, will help us. But when we are so toxic that the bacteria are poisoned by the tissue, from chemical inundation, then we have to make solvents. Each cell makes a solvent. Each cell makes a soap to help clean itself. And it’s a union. It’s like a factory. All the particular cells get together and say, “Let’s make this to help clean ourselves.” So they make enzymes which we will call soap to do that. So there’s nothing dormant about it. It’s just that when the accumulation of industrially contaminated waste is so great and you can’t use microbes
then the cells make solvents, that is, viruses we call flu." Aajonus Vonderplanitz

“The general public have been told that we do not become ill except when germs penetrate into from without. The germ theory of disease is ridiculous.” -- Bechamp or Pasteur, A lost chapter in the History of Biology - E. DOUGLAS HUME

"Germs cannot be the cause of disease, because disease germs are also found in healthy bodies.” -- NATURE CURE H. Lindlahr,M.D.

While some - who hold firmly to the beliefs instilled in us by our societal institutions - may quickly dismiss such questioning of these foundational premises of modern biology & medicine, there are definitely some valid points the arguments.

Of course, it becomes a challenging puzzle to solve when data can be presented to verify both theories.

Though perhaps, what if there may be some merit to both at the same time - similarly to how neither Newtonian nor quantum physics is 100% correct over the other, but each have their equal contextual merit?

Or what if there might even be some sort of weird quantum multi-verse of possibilities co-existing where both are true - almost like germ/virus theory fitting the particle polarity of quantum philosophy, and exosome/terrain theory fitting the wave side?

As above, so below; as within, so without...

What if there's some sort of of microcosmic-macrocosmic duality whereby germ/virus theory is catered towards the without, and the exosome/terrain theory exploring the inverse within dimension of the yin-yang puzzle?

Where does the truth lie?

Perhaps none of us can entirely know at this point.

Given the advances in knowledge of epigenetics - the premise that our genetics are continually influenced and updated as a consequence of our environmental factors as well as internal thoughts & feelings, vibrational input steadily rewriting our genetic code - there may be a whole lot more merit to the exosome & terrain theories than some may be comfortable embracing.

Yet, there is a great deal of science supporting germ & virus theories such that they cannot easily be written off with entirely new proofs coming to light that verify the accuracy of the exosome/terrain perspectives.

However, as we may be in the midst of another war of ideologies between science and religion, it is worthy to note that even within the scientific community, there has been sanctions of religious-like culture that vehemently defend conventions rather than fully embracing new perspectives that may actually advance science beyond current models. Despite giving lip-service to scientific principles, many have been all too quick to dismiss such challenges to the status-quo.

Yet, how are we to progress if shutting down the voices and perspective offered by those seeking truths beyond the known, whose curiosity challenges us to consider where what we've known may no longer be fully valid as the sole foundation for evolving in a rapidly transforming world?

Perhaps germ & virus theories are flawed. Or perhaps they're only one piece of the puzzle, which have served us well in the 3D stage of our human development - a necessary precursor to expansion into 4D and 5D, whereby exosome and terrain theories may deliver greater insight into an increasingly complex multi-dimensional system.

Perhaps this whole coronavirus scenario - "corona" meaning "crown" - is but a catalyst to embracing such a shift into these higher dimensions, granting more of us access to the capacities of the crown chakra and pineal gland.

Perhaps those who have opened up these capacities have not had the need to prove their knowings within the structured processes of 3D science, knowing that all shall arrive in their own awakenings in due time. And thus, no battle needing to be fought at all - any such quarreling only seeming to be necessary to those in the lower states of consciousness fighting for their own self-preservation, resistant to the death before the rebirth into higher states of consciousness wherein we can look back and laugh at how rigidly we held firm to flawed theories.

Or maybe that's all a load of new-age horse shit, and we're all gonna die of coronavirus if we don't get some FDA-approved vaccine or drug because some little virus is more powerful than our own sovereignty and immune system because the fearporn-peddling mainstream media and institutional "authorities" say so.



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Say a lie a thousand times and you'll turn it into the truth! Do you remember the famous case of the cloning of embryos that the scientific community praised and then turned out to be a lie? No wonder that for many people today science is little more than a branch of propaganda and its results are not much different from the publicity. If you hear Dr. X say something, you think it's true, even if Dr. Y says the opposite. I think that part of what we are living is a consequence of our ignorance and for giving a lot of credibility to what we read, hear or see. One of the quotes I read here that struck me is the knowledge that the fear of getting sick can make you sicker than the viruses themselves. I know thousands of people who are now confined to their homes, paranoid, afraid of being infected by the coronavirus. They have confessed, almost absurdly, their refusal to leave their homes or to have human contact. As I said before: ignorance is a source of fear, now it also makes us victims of fraud. A hug and greetings, @rok-sivante

You got the nail on the head. I never thought I'd live to see the pure sheep mentality we see blindly swallowing the MSM garbage being shoved down our throats as normal. This is not NORMAL.

In our first class of Venezuelan History at the University, our teacher asked

What is history?

So a lot of us started rambling about what we've always been told theoretically

It is the knowledge of the past.

Then he asked us to explain what each color of our flag meant.

Yellow for the gold of our rich lands. Blue for our sky and sea. Red for the blood of the martyrs that died to gain our independence.

It's what we all have been taught in a children song since kindergarten. Also, what we've learned at school and high school.
Then, he said:

Yes, that's what you've been told. For years and years. But our flag was invented way before the Fight for Independence.

Only silent was heard.

History it's not what has happened. It is what the most people say on repeat.

History it's not what has happened. It is what the most people say on repeat.



I am pretty sure that in the 20s when Rockefellers bought IG Farben to form Bayer this was the plan all along - especially the Rockefeller foundations ownership of the medical field these days - to suppress all cures that work and to utilize the Hegelian Dialectic - Problem - Reaction - Solution to bring medicine around to become a profitable killing machine that it is yea - I would say the basis of modern medicine is "wrong" if you think it is about curing people of disease and right if you think it is about eugenics and revenue.

Compelling information. Thanks for sharing. Reblogged.

Excellent post, sir! have a tip!

There is so much that we still don't understand. Even though it has been around or a while Quantum Physics is still quite in its infancy I think. I bought a book a while ago that was Quantum Physics for Dummies and it was still way over my head. The book that really got me interested in it was Timeline by Crichton. That was a fantastic book. I am probably off the subject though. My point is we actually know so little...

... are you serious? You're going to use an argument over definitions to discredit germ theory. That this shocked you shows astounding ignorance on your part. What, did you think that a thorough understanding of biology would not reveal more shades of nuance than a 5-year-old's?

The life/non-life queering was one of the first things I learned about viruses, wtf were you reading?! The disagreement is rarely on what viruses are or what they do, it's on where to draw the technical line in a philosophical gray area. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it mean that professional musicians don't know anything about sound? Is a chicken a dinosaur? Is taxation theft? Is a tomato a fruit?

Also, consider including years on your quotes. Science doesn't stand still and it's hard to tell what context any of these claims were made in.

I have listened to Aajonous before and find everything he says very interesting.
Check out this video at 17:04 he starts to talk about the nature of viruses.