Hollow filling of the four couches of block work with mass concrete to serve as a retaining wall// {🦺Life of an Engineer 🪖🥾}

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Retaining wall: This is a structure which are designed & constructed to be able to withstand lateral pressure of soil or hold back soil materials.

The lateral pressure might be due to earth filling, Sand, liquid pressure, and other granular materials behind the retaining wall structure.
We have numerous types of retaining wall structures which are used for different goals.

But here we just did a Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Retaining wall which will give maximum support for the walls to be able to resist the granular soil sand.

Measuring or Batching of the materials to use for concrete. We using ratio 1:3:6.


Mixing of the measured cement together.

These are the labourers that are transporting and pouring of the mixed concrete into the block hollow.
They are doing the hollow fillings.






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