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Hello Hiver Friend..
This time I will share some macro photos of spiders that I discovered this afternoon when my friend and I were sheltering under the mango plants from the sun's heat.
when my friend and I were having fun talking, all of a sudden the spider jumped and landed on my clothes, I was a little surprised and without thinking,I immediately took out a macro lens from my pocket and put it on my smartphone slowly, and he immediately ran towards my fingers and paused for a moment while cleaning his fangs,I immediately shot him several times, after that he jumped towards the grass and I lost track,luckily I managed to shoot it even though only 3 photos.
This spider has the scientific nickname Telamonia or also often called the spider The two-striped jumpers, they ambush the prey by first releasing the net before it jumps, after which it will hang like a spiderman and land right on their prey.

All photos taken using the Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 with an additional macro lens.

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Outstanding macro pictures...i like them a lot...

Thank you very much friend :)
have you tried it ..using a macro lens..?

Yes i tried it and still trying it but jumping spiders are not easy to focus...i generally use it on ants,plants and other stuffs...