Introducing You Dapplr

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Download @Dapplr now:

Let me tell You a little bit more about this dapp that will allow You to be on HIVE and make the best of if.

Contact me if You need any help or info.


Earn Money by completing simple tasks online

Snapchat: sergiomendess
TikTok: thesergiomendes

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did you give up on appics?

of course not. I am all in with @appics

lol how many years will you wait until they actually have a platform.
not beta-testnet for 3 years.

why dapplr can do it in a few months but appics just market a dead horse.

Well everyone works in different ways and have different paths. I like and enjoy dapplr but I dont know if they will survive. Many projects come and go. And APPICS no matter what is still here. So that says a lot. :)

Appics is just a community on steemit.
Their "app" just a testflight.
3 years, no change or real launch.

Dapplr a small team with little funding. Are able to release an actual app on the store. In just a few months.

Yet you say dapplr future not certain and believe in appics who no longer have any coding connections.

Your logic is odd.

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