13 Reasons How Peakd Is Turning Hive Into A Powerhouse

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Dear Hivers,

Look at all the posts published in the last 7 days here. Put them together. Sort them. And you will find some refreshing insights.

In fact, this is exactly what we saw recently. About 7000+ articles were published in a week using Peakd — right after the Hive.blog:


This shows how Peakd is quickly turning into one of the best front-end tool – allowing you to seamlessly interact with the Hive blockchain. It is truly converting Hive into a powerhouse. And this achievement calls for attention.

So what makes Peakd special?


I am listing 13 of my favourite features that are worth discussing. Feel free to browse through them. Try them out. And see which one do you like the most.

Each one of them makes Peakd a special and a powerful tool while delivering a new level of pleasure to the end-users.

Here we go:

#1: The Advanced Editor

Unlike Hive.blog's simple editor, Peakd offers a full-fledged WYSIWYG editor allowing you to seamlessly upload multiple images, create tables, and even columns. It is a must-have for any blogger.

Through its side-by-side editor, you can also change the URL and undo changes.


#2: Detailed Analytics

From seeing your incoming votes, curation rewards, author rewards to also seeing the pageviews of your articles – the in-depth analytics within Peakd is a blessing. You can't see this anywhere else.


#3 Can't vote? Then tip!

If you don’t have enough voting power, or if you want to tip your favourite authors some Hive, then here’s a simple way. Simply click on the “gift” box for the pop-up to appear and tip as much as you like.


#4: Know Your Connections Better

Peakd is displaying more than a name. It displays your connection's detail (follower + following) on a single page. From the rep score, last post, to HP owned, and the vote value – you can see it all.

To take it a step further, you can also move your connections to a separate list (like Friends).


#5: Save & Hide Easily

Save users. Save topics. Save articles (bookmark). And when you do this? You are creating your own curated experience. This leads to a much more enjoyable experience.

Plus, you can also hide certain tags (or mute people).


#6: Blazingly fast With Better Notifications

From my experience, Peakd is really fast. (Maybe because we can switch the API nodes). On top of this, notifications (on the top-right corner) and blue pop-ups (to claim rewards) are very cool.


#7: Enhanced Comment Box

As I continue to talk about engagement, I find the comment box on Peakd intuitive with all the bells and whistles. Not only do you have all the tools (to upload images - bold, italize text) but also emojis.


#8: Drafts + Templates + Scheduling

As a blogger, I love these advanced features — the ability to autosave posts, create templates, and then schedule posts. These are addons that makes our life easier.


#9: Enhanced Readability + Dark Mode

  • For better readability, you can change the display settings (so you can view your feed in either blog, grid, or list style)
  • You can switch from light to dark mode
  • You can also enable portfolio view (useful for photography/art blogs).


#10: Filtering 2.0

  • When you go to your feed, you can filter posts. Example: you can exclude reblogged posts, voted articles, or choose to read posts from your favourites.

  • When you go to a profile, you can also filter posts by tags (from the sidebar)


#11: Secure With PeakLock

PeakLock is your login option that was recently updated to ensure your account is safe. It also doesn’t store the “active” key anymore.


#12: Check Out The badges

Badges are unique. It is Peakd’s way of curating content based on a couple of factors. It considers list of users and a theme. Then it creates a badge around it. Think of it like “curated topics.” This also helps in finding content of your interest.


#13: Extremely Feedback-Driven

Only through feedback we improve, said Bill Gates. And Peakd follows the same path — through its Discord channel. This channel has a support, suggestion, and a testing team (volunteers).

Everyone is involved to make Peakd better and better. With such a feedback-driven community, it is bound to grow, isn’t it?



So there you have it.

13 solid features.

Not only does it make Peakd a powerhouse but also shows you why the future is bright. Such front-end tools are upgrading your Hive experience. And it will be bringing more new users — retaining existing ones — while making Hive even more popular.

Peakd is, to put it mildly, cuddling Hive closer to a major victory.

It is boosting the platform’s growth — and inviting new users with its intuitive interface, powerful features, and enhanced tools.

In this article, we have already 13 of them. And now, we move to you:

I would love to know what do you think of Peakd?

Have you used it yet? Do you use it regularly? Have you found anything that you love? What is it? Do let me know through the comment section below. Whatever it is, I would love to know! :)


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It's my favorite HIVE UI too. That's why I did the entire Getting Started tutorial on PeakD. I always direct folks to start on HIVE here.

Yeah! I saw those articles and am putting them in the next version of my Hive Survival Guide because they are so good. :)

Cool. I tried to be as comprehensive as I could in presenting a solid foundation to build upon for an absolute beginner. I left out lots too, but the total time is about 90 mins. as it is. Great resource you're creating!

You as well. It is a lot of info to consolidate. I am trying to make something that will be useful for both beginners and longtime blockchain users alike. The videos will be a nice touch in the next edition because not everyone enjoys reading.

Thank you! We need you - and these amazing tutorials.

Two of my favorite parts of PeakD is the list function, and favorite curators functions. I like to manually vote but sometimes I run out of time so I can fall back on people I trust that vote on content I would like, so I can simply go to their trail and pick and choose post to vote on. No more going to bed sitting at 100% vote power, not that that happens a lot to me. Simply add /trail and click the star by the name when the page loads and they are added to you FAVORITE CURATORS tab.


I totally forgot about this, you know. Never thought it that way. Brilliant. :)

I signed up, but I haven't used it yet. I don't really know why I haven't. But as of this publication, I'll take your advice and publish there. Thanks for the recommendation!

Haha! Worth a shot. Always feels like playing with a new shiny toy. See if you like this toy. :)

hey mate, I want to do a translate of your last three post cause I want to onboard users on Spanish

although, I would like to set you as beneficiary of the 50% of the rewards

could I do this?? thank you

Hi @Joseacabrerav, I am glad you are doing this. Yes, let's do that. :)

I am also on Discord. Hit me up, if you need anything. (Pinged you)

I have to agree with all of this! Peakd is my front-end choice. It has almost all, if not all, of the functionalities needed to interact with Hive. I think one of the coolest one is the delegation icon. It's the easiest delegation method I can think of.

I wanted to write about delegations too. Just too many features. Ha!

Yes. I use PeakD all the time.

You and I have something in common! :D

@peakd is awesome @sidwrites and is assuredly my personal favorite interface!

Absolutely glad to know this!

@sidwriters cha gaye aap to , hahahaha very nice article and very informative

Haha! Thanks brother.

I primarily post on PeakD -- I love the scheduling function, so that when I have time I can do a lot of writing and spread out the publication for days. Also -- frankly -- it is a completely different front end for me and feels like a newer start, which is nice after the hard, cold last days on a platform that looked and worked a lot like this one that I won't name...

Also -- frankly -- it is a completely different front end for me and feels like a newer start...

Hehe! So true. Feels like two different worlds. :)

Yea hive.blog has felt so slow lately. I love that hive.blog’s easy layout that I’m used to from old Steemit days… but I think that it is time to evolve and TRULY try out peakd and do some in-depth testing for myself!

Like you said, the Hive.blog's layout is pleasing. I love it too. (I always use it to read). For writer, though, only Peakd. Even commenting - Peakd.

TRULY try out peakd and do some in-depth testing for myself!

For writing, analytics, and engaging - yes.

If you use Brave Browser, you can even help fund an even better Peakd platform by tipping them BAT.

Thanks! That's brilliant.

Initially after using hive.blog for too long I just couldn't turn over to Peakd but somehow the UI and the presentation just got me and now I am doing most of my posting on Peakd :)

Glad to know. I am like you too. Took a while to switch.

Absolutely the best front-end for Hive! And its user-friendly and feature rich interface also makes it the most appropriate entry point when recommending Hive as a content platform, to friends and acquaintances!

You said it better! Absolutely nailed it. :)

i think is great.
the only thing i would like to see is a fast way to clear notifications
the process of clicking -> View All -> Clear Here is a bit tedious for me
other than that i use it a lot

There is one.

Did you see this? (the top-right round button)

does it clear the notifications if you select it?

If you hit the checkmark it clears the notification counter.

thanks for the tip
did not know

PeakD is great, but I hesitate placing too much of Hive's future in its hands as its a closed source application. Luckily the administrators of PeakD are benevolent, but if we become too dependent on this proprietary app, we set ourselves up for centralization risk and possible censorship.

written on peakd.com (haha)

Hehe! I read about the code being... closed recently. And you made a very valid point too.

But yes, these guys are great. They know the closed source issue too. Maybe things will change in the future. :)

Cheers, this hasn't just reinforced how much I loved Peakd (and Steempeak before it), but I've found some other neat features that I didn't know, or care much for in the past, like filtering posts, and using templates. Everything about the UI, and especially the editor, has done wonders for me. This is my go to place for all things HIVE, and I hope that someday, we can take this experience to the mobile ❤️

Peakd is really the best frontend to Hive that I came around to. Another close one would be Esteem, but they have some very annoying bugs which make me go back to Peakd everytime

Anyone else getting a bunch of node errors in peakd on brave?

they say it was a hivemind error. blockchain transactions were going fine but everything stored on hivemind was not showing on front ends.

Thanks for the info, I still get some errors here and there especially on trying to lookup replies, hitting refresh a couple times gets them to show up eventually.

asgarth pushed hive api nod for all users on peakd because they were first to fix it, so probably most users are now on hive api, that is why it is a bit slower. as other nods fix it, it will get faster.

Peakd is definitely my favorite UI. I love that I can save my fav topics to a list. Makes checking all the content I really care about easy to find.

Peakd is all I'll ever use for HIVE. Great article! 🔥 It's awesomely awesome!

Nice review! I use it all the time. Actually, it's pretty much the only thing I used to access Hive.