Good News: Hive Gets Listed on Binance JEX Exchange

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Good news: Today, Hive gets listed on Binance JEX. If you didn’t know, Binance JEX is a futures trading platform acquired by Binance from JEX.

It is also a trading platform offering upto 100x leverage. For now, Hive is only listed under spot trading.


Once again, such a listing will activate new sets of buyers. It has also led to an incredible pump — within few hours. 🚀


Few more important points:

  • If you didn’t know, margin trading was activated last week with 5x leverage. Listing on a futures trading platform is equally a good news.

  • This is the first time any futures trading platform has listed Hive.

  • JEX trading volume is around 50,000 BTC — 12 times less than Binance.

  • Even though JEX supports 100x leverage, there is no leverage trading available for Hive. Treat this as another way to trade.

  • One can use the same login details from Binance to access JEX.

  • This also means Hive is eventually regaining its trading volume. Was less in the last couple of weeks.

Overall, another worthy achievement. Apart from the price flunctuation, we will also witness more liquidity — more new users — increased visibility — and long-term growth.

In fact, in this era of DeFi tokens doing 10x to 100x, Hive’s price swinging between 20 to 25 cents is also going to attract traders and new holders. All in all, JEX listing is another move confirming Hive’s importance in the crypto space.

Good times are here! 🎉


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Wasn’t even aware of BinanceJex tbh. Have you used it?


Pretty much similar to Jex.

As we can use the same login details, it was easier to try. My secret wish was to see if Hive was on futures with 100x leverage.

We have to wait I suppose.

I guess it's only a matter of time now. Can't ignore HIVE for too long, I believe it has started it's bullrun already this morning.

Everyone's claiming bullrun makes it even more interesting.

I mean:

Hive shooting upto $10 is 20x from here.

Is it possible?

Going to make a lot of faces smile!

$10 is a long long way to go. Realistically, probably not. But crypto has done crazier things!

Hive going to $10 is 45x from here.

Excelente noticia!!! Gracias por compartirlo!🥳🥳🥳

Sweeet is that where the 12% pump came from maybe?

Hi @sidwrites,

How do you do? This is marvy innovation here. It's really great news to celebrate.

I got a small doubt. Can you please clarify it?

Since because Binance JEX listed the #HIVE only under spot trading, is leverage trading not available for #HIVE?

Because of this #HIVE listing in Binance Jex, there will be more influx of new #HIVEians, hence more growth, hence more chances of #HIVE hogging the limelight.


A GREAT #HIGHFIVE & #HIVEFIVE from India to your country??


Such a great happiness we all have to see hive moving on and accumulating good news each week. Thanks for the update Sid🥂

Watching the ripples of the waves Hive intends to bring and I can't help but be excited! Here is to more 🙌

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HIVE's been pumping quite a fair bit recently, and the fundamentals for solid bull run is steadily forming. Great to see Hive get listed more and more, though there's a lot still to be done if we're going to get the word out there.

Not sure if I should be glad about that 100x leverage trading, even though $HIVE is only listed for spot. Frankly, once you go beyond x20 or x25 leverage, you're basically gambling at this point, not trading. It's quite a sharp double edged sword 🙃

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Great! Thanks for always updating us. Keeping track of what is important news.

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