Ultimate Guide: What Are The Different Ways To Earn Hive?

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Dear Hivers,

Hive is a fully loaded machine gun. It shoots out benefits — one after the another.

For example: I am a content creator here. On the other side, we have developers. Then, if you dive deeper, you can find entrepreneurs building apps on top of Hive. There are games. And then curators. Investors. Hustlers.

And if that’s enough, we also have traders.

The center of all this is the Hive token — it empowers the entire ecosystem and creates this vibrant community. And one can always collect this token through various ways.


The fact is simple:

Hive token unites all of us. And anyone with the most tokens gets the most attention — without seeking it. Earns the most respect — without demanding it. Leads the platform — without owning it.

That is why I want to take a step back and explain the types of people who are after these tokens.

Essentially, we have 3 types:


Passive investors: Those who buy Hive tokens and wait for the platform to succeed. They are mostly silent.

Active investors: Those who have purchased Hive tokens and continue to influence the platform through their involvement.

Workers: Those who perform valuable tasks (publish content / comment) for the Hive tokens.

In other words:

If you are loaded with money, then earning Hive becomes easier. You simply have to buy more and sit on them as they earn you interest every single day.

This place is reserved mostly for the whales — the champions — the passive investors.

Most of us are not passive investors.

For example: I divide myself into active investor and worker. Say 70% worker and 30% active investor.

So I trade time to earn Hive tokens. Meaning I started investing more time to earn more tokens. And with this, let’s look at the number of ways — both active investors and workers — can participate in earning more Hive tokens.

I have listed 13 ways one can earn Hive tokens:

#1: Writing Articles

Everyday we have thousands of articles published in every imaginable category. It is not just about writing articles but also good articles — articles that add value so you can earn Hive tokens.

Moment you start producing quality articles, the built-in audience of the Hive community along with the curators will start noticing you — and upvote you for your effort.

#2: Leaving Comments

Like any other community, you get closer to people by frequently communicating with them. You leave comments on articles to start engaging and building relationship.

Read more: The do's and don'ts on engagement

#3: Making Videos

If you don’t enjoy writing articles, there’s always platforms like 3Speak and DTube. Make original video and upload them to earn tokens.

#4: Playing Games

Built on the Hive blockchain, we have several games where you can invest your Hive to earn back Hive. Few popular games are:

Splinterlands.com. The #1 dapp in the crypto industry.
dCity.io. You can build your own city using dCity.
BrosinoPoker.com. Play poker to win Hive tokens.

#5: Voting - Curation

Behind these multiple communities on Hive, you will see curators who are hungry for quality content. A curator can earn rewards by finding high-quality content. In return, the curator earns curation rewards in the form of Hive tokens.

#6: Hive Delegation

If Hive Power is sitting idle in your account, you can delegate (temporarily transfer) these tokens to curators to earn Hive tokens. Most curators pay you daily for delegation. The returns are anywhere between 8% to 16% annually.

#7: Turn Into Witness

This is not for everyone. But Hive witness is anyone who:

— Is operating a witness server (which produces blocks)
— Publishes price feed of Hive/USD to the network.

As a witness, one can earn Hive for supporting the network.

#8: Leasing Hive

Either one can lease Hive using tools like Dlease. Or also lease manually through internal agreements with other members. Returns are similar to delegation — from 8% to 16%.

#9: Developing apps

The Hive ecosystem is surrounded by an army of independent developers who are converting ideas into applications. These dapps can be lucrative — as one can generate significant amount of Hive through transactions.

#10: Powering up

Your Hive Power earns you Hive. As you build it up and continue powering up, you also start to become an integral part of the entire ecosystem. I have purchased Hive tokens and also participated to reach 5000+ Hives in the last 3 months.

#11: Trading

Perhaps the most obvious of all. Everyone knows this. I still wanted to mention the power of trading as Hive has been listed on many exchanges. Plus, if you pay attention, the internal market and the external market opens the door for arbitrage.

#12: Explore new dapps

As there are several dapps available, and new ones are continuously added, one can participate to earn Hives!

For example:

  • You can answer questions on Quello.
  • You can create polls on dPoll
  • You can participate in contests

#13: All in all, stay incredibly active

The bottomline is: be active. Because the opportunities are endless.

As Hive continues to grow — and more people join, develop, and lead the ecosystem, we will continue to witness several new ways to earn Hive tokens.

To sum it up, these are the 13 simple yet powerful ways to start earning more Hive tokens. In fact, here is the infographics I have designed:


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Judging from this then, I can proudly call myself a Worker Bee in our Hive! It's amazing to see all the different ways of earning rewards on Hive, and all it demands is a self-sustaining ecosystem of attention. To give, and to seek, with no need to sacrifice anything in return. Even by playing games, you can earn money!

I can't stress enough how awesomely great your posts are, and not to mention the helpful illustrations. Superbly helpful and inspirational :-D

Worker bro unite! Haha.

I can't stress enough how awesomely great your posts are, and not to mention the helpful illustrations. Superbly helpful and inspirational :-D

Thank you! All the hard work is now worth it. Appreciate your ongoing support!

Cheers to that 🍻! Keep up the great work :-)

I wish I could give %1000 upvote but I hope you understand my appreciation from a hundred percent :)
I totally agree with you; that's a perfect guideline for new hivers. One more thing that I may add is we also have a music based game called RisingStars. People can get Starbits and exchange it for Hive, CCC token, SIM, DEC etc. Just a new member for games operating on our Blockchain :)

Thank you so much for this outstanding post.

we also have a music based game called RisingStars

Thank you! Didn't know. Sharing the link: https://www.risingstargame.com.

I wish I could give %1000 upvote
Thank you so much for this outstanding post.

What a compliment! Makes everyday grinding worth it. Thanks for the support!

Your posts are informative for users. I always learn a lot. I will definitely try Quello.

Haha! I am so glad. You have been too kind.

You’re doing great work my friend

Keep up the good work

Thank you for the constant support, Nathan. Always appreciate it.

Bro the best substitute to that worker is Hustlers.

The Hustle is real Bros.

Thanks for the post, it's incredibly resourceful.


I agree. Wanted to name Worker = Hustler. But stopped. 😂

Very nice!

I like the three way split, and I love that final infograph!

(NB I deliberately didn't include Dlease because some accounts use it in an abusive manner!)

Thank you! Had to split into 3 for some variety. (I continue to think whole day). And didn't know about the abusiveness around Dlease.

A very useful post, should be pinned and newbies learn from it. The graphics make it very attractive. No one would even bother to read blocks of text. Good job.

Thank you for your support. Always appreciate it.

Hey @sidewrites,its practically a nice write up and comprehensive,informative and educational, but I feel that new hivers reading this may really need help on the HOW TO DO part,for instance,you have discussed 13 ways of earning on hive,let's say #10- powering up,HOW DO I POWER UP?WHAT DOES POWERING UP MEANS? That's also what I think may help your readers,as I speak with you now,I dont know what powering up means,please thanks

I am late to read this article.. I found it from your tweets. You shared amazing tips. I fall in 3rd category "Worker". I try to post quality content including photographs . But earn few bucks. However, few posts of mine got noticed. Yet I am trying to publish good articles.

Hello @sidwrites,

Nice article - would also mention tipping, available only on PeakD at present (not sure about other front ends) and a great facility for creating a long-tail for creators.

Curation/consumption is very under-estimated as a way of earning, both in terms of rewards and in terms of the time and skills required. Would love to see a post exploring this more.

Very nice written piece on the many many ways to earn HIVE!

You have demonstrated the topic very well and really easy to understand for newbies or newcomers. After reading your article, I was thinking about that in which category I am in? I always consider myself a content creator and a curator too, which means I am earning through my contents and contributing to this whole ecosystem...

Great post...A well-written article for all users...

Beautifully made article, I loved the graphs too :)

Thank you so much! Really appreciate your support. Graphics took hours together.

I shared this on Twitter

Also shared the infographics here